The latest version of Ushahidi is now available


Ushahidi, inc. has announced the release of the latest version of Ushahidi — v3.0.0-Beta.12.

Ushahidi, is an open-source crowdsourcing tool which overlays field reports on maps, providing critical and often life-saving data during emergencies. It has pays homage to influence of development from the post election violence that marred Kenya in 2007. It was also used to map the earthquake crisis in Haiti.

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New in this release are frontend changes in the user profile editing and management screen profile sections.

“Please keep in mind that this is not ready for production, but we are getting really close”, the post announcing the release says. Eager testers can try the v.3.0.0-12 beta on a demo site setup for that purpose.

Ushahidi is a web platform that makes it easy for people in any part of the world to disseminate and collect information about a crisis. Users submit reports by text message, e-mail, or Web postings, and the software aggregates and organizes the data into a map or timeline.

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