Zapper: meet DSTV Uganda’s new HD decoder


In the wake of digital migration, multiple Pay TV service providers in Uganda are maximizing sales as they offer a solution to the analogue problem. In 2014, We saw Azam TV launch it’s services in Uganda as the 5th Pay Tv service provider. For the entire time DStv was a Ugandan monopoly, they used to broadcast in the usual standard quality and weren’t offering HD (High definition) picture quality.

On the 9th of January, DStv Uganda finally launched the Zapper, it’s first single view HD decoder. According to the DSTV Uganda press release, the decoder only will be at UGX 160 000, however, the full kit is at UGX 309 000.

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The new decoder, according to DStv delivers the very best high quality picture and sound quality available on the market. The new HD decoder will replace the existing standard definition single view decoder which is being phased out. According to the Multichoice general manager,

“High definition creates a far superior television viewing experience in terms of picture quality and the Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound adds a new dimension to the audio experience. The DStv HD Decoder will open up a whole new world for many DStv subscribers”

The Zapper will guarantee a lot more subscribers access to DStv’s ever expanding HD channel offering which currently includes sports, movie, documentary and news channels. The Zapper is XtraView capable, meaning it can be paired with selected XtraView compatible decoders (excluding the SD PVR), allowing a cost effective and flexible option for clients who wish to enjoy dual viewing environments.

What many customers need t understand is that the DStv HD decoder will work with any TV. HD content is however only available when connected to an HD TV via HDMI and if you are on a package that has HD channels.  You will receive the HD version of channels if you have an HD capable decoder and TV, and the channels are available in your package. Thankfully the HD channels come at no extra cost.


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