MTN Uganda Social Bundles‬: Daily and Weekly internet packages for Whatsapp, Twitter & Facebook users

After Airtel Uganda introduced its WTF (Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook) bundle last year, MTN Uganda later followed suit with its own WTF bundles. In a bid not to look like a copycat, MTN branded its social data bundles WTF(Wednesday, Thursday, Friday), which to us seemed like “trying too much”.

Anyway, MTN first introduced its daily WTF bundle at two price points; Ugx 200 WTF bundle and Ugx 500 WTF bundle.

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Ugx 200 WTF gives you access to the big three social networks Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook for 24 hours but it’s capped at 50MB while the one of Ugx 500 WTF gives you the same services capped at 100MB for 24 hours. This means that if you exceed the cap, standard data pricing applies. MTN’s WTF social bundles can be accessed by simply dialing *150*6#

Airtel Uganda’s  Ugx 500 WTF bundle accessed by dialing *175# equally gives users Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook with an 100MB daily cap .

Later on Big Yellow introduced the weekly WTF bundle at a price point of Ugx 2,000 with Free access of the three social networks on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday hence the “WTF” branding.  Again the catch here is that you are limited to 100MB of data per day and once your limit is exceeded, you are reverted to the usual data pricing.

Name DurationData limit 
WTF for 200/=24 hours 50MB
WTF for 500/=24 hours 100MB
WTF for 2,000/=7 days 100MB/day

Unlike Facebook zero on MTN which is completely for free (Without images and video) the MTN social bundles allow you to access multimedia but once again under the 50/100MB cap depending on the package you subscribe too.


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