Schools Uganda aims to be a directory of all education institutions in Uganda

schools uganda directory

When you become a parent or a guardian, you’ll want to give the best education to your son or daughter. At least that’s the dream of every parent in Africa. But searching for a good school can be a daunting task — even in the digital age.

Online directories in Uganda are still taking baby steps but efforts are being made to create information online.

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Schools Uganda now aims to list all Ugandan educational institutions in one web portal. From their about us page, “ uses the power of the Internet to help parents get more informed and engaged in their children’s education.”

The platform lists nursery, primary, secondary and higher institutions of learning on its platform. It has a search feature which makes finding schools really easy. The site also has a review section that allows users to add reviews for the different schools listed. A blog feature provides useful resources and information, guides and debate about education in Uganda.

Started last year, the site claims it has 10,000 listings. However, from our own research, this is an overly exaggerated figure. In fact most of the milestones listed on the site aren’t close be being true, which is not cool. Otherwise, Schools Uganda is great site with great design. It gets competition from similar school directories such as and

If you know of any other online schools directory in Uganda, let us know in the comments.


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