HRMagic is a Ugandan-made software-as-a-service that helps manage your employees

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Human resource management can be a bit of chore especially when you don’t have proper systems in place to automatically keep track of your staff members. Employees can be cunning and sometimes dishonest if they smell trouble on their part. And let’s face it, you may not have the resources to hire full time staff to deal with payroll and HR related work. Do you handle all these roles and it stresses you out? Aren’t you always on the move looking for business? Well, here is a solution to sort you out.

Enter HRMagic. A Ugandan-made online integrated human resource and payroll management system that aims at making the work of HR, Finance and Administration managers much simpler that it already is. A product of QED Solutions Ltd, the enterprise software rides on ease of use, security and affordability to deliver value to business customers. No need for servers or installations on your part.

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Now we did give it a spin thanks to Simon Peter Otandeka who is also the lead product architect. The system features time management for employees, employee contract types, work shift, leave and benefits payroll management, tax and NSSF remittance. It also generates reports for weekly/monthly employee attendance, leave and other benefits for the HR personnel or administrator. On the staff side, employees simply login to check in at work. They can also view their attendance, their profile, request leave and other benefits, view past payslips among other things.

As you might already be guessing, we of course wanted to know how foolproof the system is. Since it’s online, can’t an employee with an Internet-connected device simply login and check in from their bed in their Pajamas and pretend to be at work? Turns out, the team has thought about this too. According to Peter, the system tracks employees computers’ IP addresses to determine their location and access can be limited to only your office. However, the boss will still have access out of the office. Also Peter assured us that the system never goes down. The system is mirrored to another vps site in real time to ensure that it’s on 24/7. All data is backed up in real time.

The team of 5 people consisting of 3 system devs, an accountant, and a HR/Finance & Admin consultant and part time legal counsel) plans to add Biometric integration in the future to enhance usability on the users’ side among other many features. This is just the start. From my conversation with the team, I realised the sky is not the limit for the team.

The very affordable offers start from $5/month for company of 5 staff members and goes on up to 100+ staff. If you’re interested in HRMagic, you can view demo at and then visit the main site to sign up for your trial that lasts for a full month. Alternatively send them an email or call +256 757 346 390.

Because it is locally built, we are confident they can model it to suit your company structure.

Let us know what you think.

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