PayPal in Uganda: How to receive money and be paid via Paypal

Paypal is a huge payment platform on the internet mostly accepted by online merchants like Amazon and Ebay. For freelance developers or those that wish to make money online, Paypal is one of the preferred modes of payment apart from Visa credit and debit cards. There’s one problem though — you can’t receive Paypal payments in Uganda and in most African countries except Nigeria and South Africa.

Using Payoneer

Payoneer apparently is the most convenient way of receiving Paypal payments in Uganda or any other African countries where Paypal withdraws are not supported. Payoneer is an international money transfer service. When you signup for Payoneer, you’ll receive a Payoneer mastercard. You then link your Paypal account with your Payoneer mastercard to receive Paypal payments. Once the funds hit your Payoneer account, you can then withdraw the money from any Mastercard supported ATM machine in your country.

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Sign up for a Payoneer account to start receiving Paypal and other global payments here.

E-pay Kenya

Epay Kenya is yet another way you could get paid through Paypal or Skrill. Even though based in Kenya, according to Ugandan freelancer, they also can help us those in Uganda. At the time of this writing we failed to get their contact information for confirmation of that. When I tried to use E-pay, it seems they use Payoneer as their backend service provider to process payments.

Traditional Banks

Most banks in Uganda don’t support Paypal unfortunately. Only a handful of banks do support payments receiving payments in from Paypal. Equity bank Kenya accepts withdraw of Paypal funds in Kenya but we are yet to confirm if the Ugandan-branch accepts that too.

Alternatively instead of being paid through Paypal, you could explore other means of receiving payments in Uganda. Bitcoin is gaining popularity of recent and it could be one of the options you could consider.

You can also look at providers such as, worldremit and the usual players money gram and western union if you don’t wish to go through the Paypal hassle.


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17 thoughts on “PayPal in Uganda: How to receive money and be paid via Paypal

  1. Another Paypal alternative is Skrill, formerly called Moneybookers. Let’s you send and receive money just like Paypal and send it straight to your bank account.

  2. I can also help you to exchange your paypal money to mtn mobile money or airtel money. Almost instant ,Contanct me.

  3. Kenya is also among the countries, which receive PayPal payments not only Nigeria and South Africa. I think Malawi and a few others too.

    I believe Payoneer and WordlRemit are the best choice though.

  4. I too having some issues getting money out ever since PayPal banned Payoneer. I have a USA PayPal from Auction Essistance, but getting that money out is difficult.

  5. hi…
    am Bryan also from Uganda and would like to get in touch with you, i realy need same help about paypal and payzug….
    you can reach me on 0775950215 or [email protected]

  6. Hi am Nalunkuma Winnie and a Uganda, i happen to get some donations from we pay and it is around 80 US dollars but they said that i can only get my money through pay pal Uganda.
    My number is 0701843403 and my mail is [email protected]

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