5 things you can do with MTN Uganda’s Night Shift Internet Bundle


Remember the glory days of Waptrick when Telecoms offered GPRS Internet? Successfully loading a page was worthy of a celebration. Those were the days of midi ringtones and super tiny wallpapers. Glory days indeed. Now that the Internet has well and truly arrived and has become a household budget item for many, the question is, what are we going to do with it?

People are looking to Telecoms and ISPs that offer affordable and flexible data bundles to help them stay connected and do just about anything online. One of those internet bundles that excite us is the Night bundle that gives you 1GB of data at only Ugx 2,500 from midnight to 6pm on most Telecoms.  All ye geeks, developers and night owls, here’s a reason to smile into the night.

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Here are 5 things you can do with MTN Night shift bundle.

Skype/Viber/WhatsApp/Messenger Video Calls

Back in the day, making Video calls on Skype was a miracle but these days we have Viber, WhatsApp, Messenger and so many more applications that can help you make calls or chat with your friends across the world for free. To enjoy good quality calls though, one needs a steady connection and enough data. This is where the Night shift bundle comes in.

Download your favorite Movies Music or watch NETFLIX

With the Night Shift, you can download your favorite movies with no hustle. You can also take a break off your busy schedule and watch some comedy from Uganda’s household names like Anne Kansiime and Pablo on YouTube. Watch inspiring talks like Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Address or listen to Podcasts of your favorite speakers online. You might be looking for new sounds on Soundcloud, Reverbnation or iTunes or just listening to Online Radio.

With Netflix now available in Uganda, you may want to catch the trailer to that most anticipated Movie coming soon or maybe an episode of your favorite sitcom or soap that you missed. these are just a few of the things you can do with 1GB.

Backup your data

If you have ever lost data before, this needs no explanation. I learnt the hard way when I lost all my photography archives because they were not backed up. If you have a computer or smartphone, it means you accumulate data everyday. From new photos, videos to documents and various files, this data needs to always be backed up on the cloud so that in the event a catastrophe occurs, you still have your data. Back up those photos and files on your computer/smartphone using Google Photos, OneDrive, Dropbox

Online Courses and Tutorials

In this day and age, modern school is online Whatever you need to learn regardless of your profession or skills is available and chances are that it is free. From step by step tutorials on almost anything to DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects or even professional courses, all of them are online and the only wall between you and this free knowledge is internet. Use platforms like Udacity, Coursera and EdX among many others to access those free courses.

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Update your smartphone/computer software

Just like your computer, most smartphone apps require regular updates of your software like your antivirus or system updates and these can be quite heavy. On some iPhone and Android phones, you can update the entire phone operating system (If available) which requires some good data too.

Windows 10 as well is out and free for download so if you want to update from your current OS to the latest, the Night Shift would come in handy wouldn’t you think? Not all this can be done in one night, but we’re giving you the options. MTN took a while to get on board but with the millions of subscribers it has, it should soon make amends and perhaps surpass the competition.

How to load MTN Night Shift Bundle

To load the Night shift bundle, load Ugx 2,500 worth of airtime and  dial  *150*1*1*5*1*1#


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5 thoughts on “5 things you can do with MTN Uganda’s Night Shift Internet Bundle

  1. Yes but would it be professional or responsible for you to be awake at that time? Perhaps you can schedule windows updates? But tutorials?

    • Naye Mukulu Jake now we want to tell people when they should sleep? LOL I actually download my tutorials and Video lectures for about an hour and I am done. When the speeds are good, you are most times done in 2 hours max

      • I have 6 months of pluralsight. Are you saying I buffer overnight and watch during the day?
        The windows 10 pluralsight app downloads tutorials irrespective of your licence btw. So no need to pay premium.
        That is a plot but there is alot to be said about Uganda working in 8hr cycle in the middle of the 12hr daytime. So if you are to be effective and industrious, you need to be awake when your customers are awake. It is just business sense.
        No one sees your tweets and posts sent when they were asleep. No one scrolls the tl to see what they missed. Someone has to be awake to post and take feedback in the day time.

        • I actually agree with you but I think we are changing the parameters here. The point is that people can get cheap internet at night and may not be able to afford the same volumes during the day. So they have to choose sleep over internet. So If I need to update my OS, I will loose a little sleep and get it done. It doesn’t mean it becomes my lifestyle

          • The reason it is cheap is that no one was using it. It was wasting money! Rather than giving it to you free, they STILL charge you for it.
            Thus, if you still didn’t pay, they would either lower the price further still or switch off the hardware at off peak times.

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