rebrands into now allows you send money to Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda is now The Ugandan fintech startup that allows customers in the diaspora send money to mobile wallets in Uganda has rebranded. The re-brand has seen expand from just sending money to Uganda to adding two more countries; Kenya and Rwanda. Loging into automatically redirects you to

Nothing has changed visually in terms of logo or look and feel. It is like those beer ads that say “New bottle, same great taste” . We spoke to Stone Atwine Useremit CEO who confirmed that is now fully functional in Kenya and customers can now send money straight to a mobile phone from around the world. is awaiting a couple of regulatory green lights to become operational in Rwanda. Soon enough, customers will be able to send money from across the world directly to mobile money wallets in all 3 countries.

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The first version of while it was still


The second version of


The current version of


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ABOUT USEREMIT.COM is a mobile payments service that allows people to make real time money transfers from debit or credit card to mobile-money from all over the world to registered mobile-money users in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. The online service deals with the problems of convenience, cost and speed. Our transfers are instant to mobile wallets and we use the latest technology to offer a robust money transfer service.


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  1. That is a great milestone. Switching from .ug to .com is a clear sign of future expansion to many more countries, I guess. Also I wish the system integrates a real time payment processor, which can be integrated in Apps and websites.

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