Review: Orange Uganda’s “Nalongo” the Luganda phone

In Summary
Orange Uganda phones are multiple but the Orange Nalongo ZTE phone is a unique one. It’s  a localized feature phone with dual simcard support. Much as there’s much controversy around language localisation of software and different technologies, the phone has simple menus and is easily navigable.


There’s nothing much to talk about this phone except its super amazing battery. For the whole one one week review period, we never ran out of battery! That’s a far cry when it comes to fancy smartphones that most of us use.

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User Interface

This is the most unique feature about the phone. The Phone is completely translated to Luganda with dialogue boxes having user action buttons like “Iye” meaning “Yes” and “Nedda” meaning “No”. When for instance the phone didn’t have a Simcard, we got a warning message saying “Teekamu SIM” meaning “put in a simcard”.

Additional features

The phone comes with a torch which is a very popular feature among feature phone user. Then an FM radio — again another popular feature, duo simcard support and a 1.3MP camera — that we found almost useless. Without Bluetooth support, capable browswer, PC connectivity, the photos taken with or on the phone remain there and will get lost with the phone.

Otherwise, the strength of the Nalongo lies in it’s long battery life, dual sim support and language localization which is great for those



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