How to receive money using Worldremit in Nigeria

Early 2016, Worldremit a global leader in money transfers and remittances opened shop in Nigeria. This means Nigerians living abroad in countries such as US, UK, Canada, France, Germany and other 50 countries can send money to family and friends back home in Nigeria online.  Worldremit introduced same-day bank transfer service to Nigeria as well as physical pick-up locations.

According to the World bank, Nigerians in the diaspora all together sent home $20.8 billion in 2015, making it the top African country to receive remittances and the 6th in the world. Although there are several options of sending money to Nigeria , Worldremit comes off as one of the strong contendants.

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Worldremit allows Nigerians in the diaspora to send money to family and friends back home in more than 140 cash pickup locations almost immediately. Worldremit partnered with Skye Bank which has several branches in Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Kano and other cities countrywide. You can use this Skype bank branch locator to find location which is closes to you.

Fees for transfers to Nigeria start at as low as 0.95 EUR and 0.99 GBP.  You can visit Worldremit website here to send money to family and friends back home.

WorldRemit is funded by Technology Crossover Ventures, early investors of Facebook, Spotify, and Dropbox. The money transfer company has been recognised by United Nations agency IFAD for shaking up the global money transfer industry.


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