How to do away with unwanted built-in smartphone apps

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Every smartphone that you buy or get as a gift comes with apps like the camera, gallery, and google apps, which are obviously used on a daily or every now and then. But there are those built-in smartphone apps that do not actually make sense even after you’ve read their how-to’s. They occupy the space on your phone even after you’ve “Force Stopped” or “Disabled” them.

Here are a few tips that can help you deal with them.

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Consult an Expert

Never attempt to do it on your own. There are smartphone apps and software experts out there who can help you. Explain to them what exactly you want and they will advise you accordingly or even help you get rid of that inbuilt application. Seeking advice from an expert before you attempt to permanently change any settings on your phone is paramount.

Root your phone

Rooting your phone means unlocking your phone’s Operating System. It’s the Android version of “jail breaking” your phone. This gives you permission to run apps that require access to certain system settings as well as flash custom ROMs on your phone. Rooting apps are found online. Just be careful to choose one that has been recommended from a trusted source. It’s not 100% guaranteed to work and once rooted and the phone gets a problem with the system, you invalidate its warranty. Use this option if you want to do it yourself without the help of an expert.

Hard-Reset your Smartphone

Hard-resetting means changing the phone’s system back to its original factory setting. It involves deleting any apps you may have installed after purchasing your phone, contacts, wiping the internal memory. But before you attempt hard-resetting your phone, make sure you back up some of your files like the music, pictures, documents to an external drive or memory card. Different phones have different procedures on Hard-resetting. This does not guarantee that once you do this, all the unwanted built in apps will be removed.

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Ignore the built-in Apps

Ignore the built-in app, leave the phone the way it is and don’t try to change anything because at the end of the day, the apps you need are in perfect working condition and these extra apps may just make the phone look nice and also make your neighbour curious as to how they work giving you extra boost to your ego.


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