15 Kwese TV channels that you will not find anywhere else

kwese tv

Kwese TV is officially launching soon, but it has already garnered over two thousands of subscribers here in Uganda. One thing each of those subscribers will tell you, is the unique programming on the available bouquet; let alone the variety of channeling from which you are wholly entertained.

We all have channels that we would love to watch all day and all night, and if possible take on the next day. But there are those that you might not get to watch unless you have Kwese TV in your sitting room. We outline for you this list of channels you wont find elsewhere.

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1. NBA

Kwese has exclusive right to the NBA TV channel in Africa. Via the NBA, you can watch all NBA games during the regular season and playoffs, as well as the NBA summer league which just ended.

2. Revolt

Revolt is a rich international music channel showing upcoming and trending artists in the music industry. Kwese is the first TV service provider outside of the US to show Revolt.

3. Dreamworks

Dreamworks is a children channel showing animations that inspire the imagination of children, and you’ll only find it on Kwese TV.

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4. Viceland

Viceland is another exclusive channel to Kwese that broadcasts lifestyle oriented shows with cutting edge news and documentaries. It has current affairs and millenium styles, and presents strong points of view on fashion, technology, music and social issues.

5. Zee BollyNova

Zee Bollynova is a telenovela channel showing Bollywood series, with its content dubbed for an English audience.

6. EFC

Kwese shows the EFC channel on its website Live TV and the Kwese App. Being Extreme Fighting Championships (EFC), it shows mixed martial arts fights on the African continent and its exclusive to Kwese TV.


Kwese TV partners with ESPN to show a variety of sports including NBA, NFL, cricket, athletics, baseball, soccer, golf, snooker, basketball, MMA, rugby, F1 racing, X-games, motor sports, boxing, cycling, tennis, and e-sports. ESPN is exclusive to Kwese only, except in South Africa.

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8. FLN

The Fine Living Network is a lifestyle channel showing everything from cooking shows to vacation homes, as well as fashion shows, renovations and others.

9. DTX

DTX is the channel for those that are auto-inclined. It appeals to people interested in the auto-mechanics of cars, planes and other automobiles.

10. Odisseia

Odisseia is a Portuguese documentary channel that airs shows related to science, nature, people and arts.


Toonami is a children’s animation channel, with its major content being american and japanese animations, including Teen Titans and Justice League.

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12. Passion TV

Passion TV is another telenovela channel that is exclusive to Kwese TV. The major content is from Latin America, with a mix of African content. A Portuguese telenovela show from Angola, Mara the only one, is one of the African pieces on air.

13. Hillsong

This is a christian channel, and is the official channel of the Hillsong church. It includes church services, worship songs by the Hillsong.

14. Flow TV

Flow is a christian Faith channel that features sermons from various church ministries, including John G. Lake ministries, The 700 club, John Hagee ministries and others.

15. Kwese Free Sports

Kwese Free Sports is Kwese’s Free to air channel, available on the website, app and decoder. It is the channel that airs the live EPL games on Saturday, with repeats of the EPL games on Tuesdays. Even without subscription, Kwese TV customers can still view the Kwese Free Sports (KFS) in their country. KFS is also currently showing the English Football League championship.

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Kwese also acquired rights to show the 2018 FIFA World Cup on KFS, as well as the rights to the UEFA Euro 2020.

The list is just unlimited, and these and more can only be found on Kwese TV. Order for your decoder NOW!


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