Infinix X572 Note 4 Unboxing and First Impressions: It’s Love at first sight

Everything counts in a first impression, they always say,  and when you purchase yourself a device that you’ve longed to have,  the excitement is in equivalent. The Infinix Note 4, the latest sequel of the Note series just landed in my hands and I can’t help disclose all the impressions it made at the first instance of experience with it.

For the next few weeks, I shall be looking at the operation of the Infinix Note 4 smartphone, after which I will also handle the Note 4 Pro and its Xpen. Infinix has handed these two a tagline “Take Charge”, with a promise of quick charge that powers a device with 250 minutes of talk time for just 5 minutes of charging.

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The Note 4 comes packaged in a deep sky blue hard paper box, fully sealed with a thin wrap around it. On top of the box is the device name written in white and centered with the Infinix brand name in the upper left corner. The right corner has a small seal that indicates the ROM and RAM, as 16 GB and 2 GB respectively.

note 4

The left and back side of the box have the brand name (Infinix)  indicated on,  while the right side has the device name (NOTE 4).

The bottom side has a seal that spells out the specifications of the phone, proof of the device being authentic – with a series of barcodes and QR codes, and details of the maker.

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It also comes with a seal that asks you not to accept the phone if it is broken,  at least it was not.  On drawing out the box, I saw it all,  and indeed loved what we saw.  Call it Love at first sight if you may.


The device lies on top with a blue cover. When you remove the device,  you could easily think Infinix left out on the rest of the accessories but when you flip the box upside down,  you’ll see them all in there.

In it is the rubber back cover,  screen guard,  charger, USB cable, and ear pieces – all sealed.

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The Device

The body is sleek and elegant. With the device in hand as the screen faces the holder, you can see the front camera, it’s sensor,  and a flash light. The fingerprint sensor is on the home button, though I have not tried it out yet. The screen size makes it a worthy Note device,  and makes me even more excited about the Pro version.

The top side,  above the camera has a headphone Jack, the right side has the volume buttons and the power buttons.

The downside has a micro-USB port in between two speaker grills. I got to know that the left grill is an output and the right one is an input.

The removable back cover is shiny and can give you a clear reflection of your image. With an Infinix label at the centre, and a NOTE label at the bottom, it has a mark out for the camera and it’s flash light to protrude at the top.

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Removing it let’s you see how the SIM cards can be placed in, and discloses the known secret: that the battery is not removable. There is also a dedicated SDcard slot,  if you wish to boost the available ROM.

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After looking through all that, I turned on the device, but it only lasted a few minutes because the battery was extremely low.

I had to take charge of the situation and plugged it into the supply.  The Xcharge is super fast. Within an hour,  already 70% was filled up,  and the next 30 minutes juiced it up to the brim.

A full charge allowed me to play with the cameras, both front and back.  They are very amazing and work out extremely well. We loved the fact that the sensors can clearly  differentiate a light and dark environment.

A full review on the device operation is in the pipeline. What are your first impressions with the Infinix Note 4? Share with us!


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