5 Amazing features in the new WhatsApp update you can’t resist

With over a billion daily users across the globe, WhatsApp is becoming a big deal when it comes to the lay-man social networking. In Africa, it’s not just a communication tool but it is becoming a part of many, and in ten smartphone holders you may come across, at least eight will be active users of the application.

The latest update to the app for Android users comes packaged with a wide range of new features, that we didn’t just let go past our sight. We outline them for you.

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You can now post a “Text Status”

Gone are the times when you have to look for that nice pose to take a selfie or welfie that you may upload as you update your status. With something on mind, you can choose to just pen it down in text.

Tapping to add a status update will bring you a page that allows you to choose either to write text or upload an image.

The amazing thing about this is that you can even choose a background color for the text, and a desired font, from the variety available.

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You can also choose who can see your status updates by selecting from your contacts who can and can’t.


A richer Emoji selection

Whatsapp chose to do away with the Apple emojis and introduced a whole new selection, taking the direction of Facebook and Twitter in using their own custom emoji set within the app. These emoji might not differ from the previous ones, but you can visualize what you wish to express through them much more easily.

The options are more detailed

WhatsApp is making this update much more user friendly, especially to the new comers. Every selection of an option menu gives you much more details, compared to the previous versions.

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Better Display

With a text status, and revised emojis, you obviously expect a better Display. The colouring and framing is enhanced, and you can’t demand for more unless you just ditch new looks.

In the chat settings, you can opt for a solid colour background, and even an enlarged size of font on the screen.

It feels up-to-date

Yes, for a moment, you can feel a whole new WhatsApp on your phone. It’s just out, and the experience is not as much, but you can be guaranteed of a smiley one.

You can try it out, by downloading it from here.


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