iPhone black screen: What causes it and how to fix It

There’s nothing as unnerving like waking up to a black screen on your iPhone and you do not know what to do? If only you could see what is wrong, you could probably know what to do or how to fix it.  Once the black screen appears you can’t access your phone in any way until the issue gets resolved. Even when someone calls, you won’t be able to see the screen, nor can you answer the phone.

As worrying as this can be,  it isn’t a new problem and iPhone users may occasionally experience a black screen. The good news is that it can be fixed especially if you do it on time to avoid it becoming a bigger problem.

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Below, we explain the possible causes of the iPhone black screen and how to fix the problem. We hope this can help you and if/when it does, let us know about your experience in the comments. Here are some of the issues that cause iPhone black screen.

Hardware Issues

One possible reason is hardware damage due to improper handling of the phone like accidental dropping, unsuccessful screen replacement, or water damage. iPhone users need to understand that the device is very sensitive as compared to other devices. When your phone has a bad fall, the shock may move certain hardware components inside that affects your display.

Software Issue

It is important to note that the software (iOS) on your phone controls every aspect of your device. iPhone software issues are common when firmware modifications are made especially jailbreaking. This could introduce corrupted software that can affect the functionality and performance of your iPhone including causing the black screen.

Other software issues may include the error 4013, new apps that cause your device to malfunction or not updating your iPhone regularly as some of you may experience.

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Battery Issue.

Overtime, the iPhone charging port may get dirty or moist affecting how your phone charges. Sometimes it could be a damaged charging cable or a non a bad 3rd party charging cable. When the software on your phone detects a possible anomaly it could cause the device not to charge to prevent battery damage hence the black screen.

What are the effective ways to fix the Problem?

The following are some of the best ways to resolve black screen issues.

Restart Your iPhone

First, restart your phone aka ordinary reboot;
Press and hold (for about 10 seconds) the ‘Sleep/Wake’ and the ‘Home’ button together to restart. Kindly wait till the Apple logo appears. Once rebooted, your phone is ready to use. Note that, restarting may loss unsaved files you were working on before. If this fixes the issues, then you are good to go but if it doesn’t, try;

Restore Factory Settings

If the black screen persists, you can restore factory settings. It is important to note that restoring will erase all data on your iPhone including apps, calendar, contacts, as well as the apps’ data.
If you still want to restore at this point, you can do this by launching iTunes, connecting your iPhone and using the “Restore Phone” option to restore your phone factory settings.
If this doesn’t work, try this one more trick.

Try using iTunes to fix the black screen

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Step 1. Download the latest version of iTunes on your PC or Mac. If you have downloaded on PC for the first time, sign in to your Apple/iTunes account.
Step 2. Connect your iPhone to PC/Mac with a USB cable. iTunes should detect the device in recovery mode. Once detected iTunes will offer a restore option to you.

Click the “Restore” button to wipe your iPhone. A window will pop out to confirm if you are ready to restore your device. When restoring finished, you will be asked if you would like to restore the data from a backup. Click ‘Set up’ to complete the factory restore settings.

We hope this helped and that one of the tips above helped resolve the issue.

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