This is how to update an iPhone without eating up your mobile data plan

update an iPhone

Has your iPhone received a new iOS update? Are you skeptical about installing the new iOS update because you don’t want to use up your Mobile data plan? If you’re tired of running out of cellular data every time you update an iPhone, follow our tips and never run out of data again. We share tips on how to update an iPhone and not using up your mobile data plan.

Update an iPhone using Tip #1

  • Use office WiFi.

My go-to option every time I want to save my mobile data plan. Office WiFi. Many offices these days are equipped with WiFi -for office use mostly. The best part is that most offices/businesses opt for unlimited and relatively faster internet. Unlimited to prevent cut offs and fast to quicken work and well, create impression. It can turn out a bit negative for the business owner if [a customer/client] walks in with a laptop and tries to use their WiFi service and it’s too slow or it doesn’t work.

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So, if you have Office WiFi that you can connect too, consider using it instead of your mobile internet plan. This will save your data expenses when you update an iPhone with new iOS. Talk to an official if using work interent for unofficial purposes is prohibited.

Update an iPhone using Tip #2

  • Use Public WiFi.

If you are lucky enough to be in a public WiFi hotspot, you don’t have to worry about using up your mobile data plan when updating an iPhone. Companies like Roke offer numerous Rokespots around town that you can connect to at a subsidized price and gain unlimited access.

This will help you save your mobile data plan as you update an iPhone.

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Update an iPhone using Tip #3

  • Use Night bundles.

Seriously, use night bundles. Telecom companies like MTN Uganda, Airtel Uganda and Africell offer night bundles. These have bigger volumes and relatively cheaper prices compared to other internet bundles.

If you love your iPhone (which you must), extending an hour or a few minutes past midnight shouldn’t be a problem. Or is it? Instead of using your daily bundle when updating an iPhone, night bundles come in handy.

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