Meet Zapacab: South Africa’s High Tech Cab hailing platform

Ever been stuck in the middle of no-where around Town, call your Taxi guy (“Special Hire” as its termed here in Uganda), wait for a moment, and no signs of him coming! Disturbing i know! Next thing in your mind is always calling in and calling in, or calling someone else to your rescue! Well a South African based Startup is looking to solve all that Drama with their New platform Zapacab set to Launch this year in Capetown.

Zapacab founded by Paul Donner and Rupert Sully, is a High Tech Mobile Platform that will make taxi hailing in South Africa as easy as picking up your Smartphone, Firing the App, Request for a Taxi, and most interestingly Track its Progress towards your Location in real time. “Super Cool” Huh! This way a Passenger is pretty sure of a Taxi coming to their rescue due to the fact that the Cab’s movement from its original point (Initial Position) called from is being tracked towards your Pin Point (Final Position). Zapacab is made possible in collaboration with South African accelerator 88mph Seed Fund

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Editors Note: This is an introductory article. This Post will be followed by updates on the Zapacab Platform as it evolves. Make sure to check by soon.



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