Kwesé iflix, MTN Uganda partner to bring the World Cup to your mobile

The World Cup is fast closing in, and you might still be screening for options on how to catch every match without miss. Your search for the best answer is over, and this is indeed the best offer for you. Kwesé iflix, a joint venture between Econet Media and iflix, is partnering with MTN Uganda to offer customers an extraordinary entertainment experience with unlimited access to content including live coverage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. What does this mean? “The match is just a bundle away!”

MTN Uganda subscribers, that have the Kwesé iflix app on their smartphones, will be able to enjoy the moment by activating a Kwese data bundle while dialing *165*4*7#. From here, Select Kweseiflix, and pay for a subscription of your choice from 1 day, 3 days, 7 days to 30 days; buy Kwese Data bundles for yourself or even a friend. This will grant one access to free unlimited content within the designated bundle duration.

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Subscription plans and prices

The Kwesé-iflix app subscription plans are designed for every customer, depending on what they can afford and how many days they would like to watch from the app. From a daily pass to a 3-day pass to 7-day pass and a monthly subscription.

These are the prices;

DurationAmount (UGX)
1 Day2100
3 Days3600
7 Days7200
30 Days14400

Kwesé Data Bundles

Streaming content on the app might require you to have a steady and unlimited internet connection, usually recommended to be Wi-Fi. The Kwesé-iflix/MTN Uganda partnership seeks to give app users a smooth feel of the experience through time bundles, that are much cheaper than the normal data bundles. This is to make it both affordable and convenient for one to watch content at ease.

The time duration only accounts for the amount of time you spend while watching content on the app, not anymore or less.

DurationAmount (UGX)
2 Hours1600
4 Hours3200
6 Hours4800
12 Hours9600
24 Hours19200

Note that the subscription grants you access to all premium content on the app, while the data bundles allow you to stream the content seemlessly, without worry of data running out.

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What is Kwesé iflix?

Kwesé iflix is a mobile platform that offers cutting-edge, youth focused programming showcasing video-on-demand and download-to-watch-later entertainment content. The app is available for both Android and Apple users and can be downloaded from the Google Play store and the Apple App store. Users of the app enjoy a flexible digital entertainment platform as the app makes it easier for them to access top entertainment programmes via their mobile phones, anytime and virtually everywhere.

How is it different from Kwese TV app?

If you have the Kwese TV satellite, you can download and use the Kwese TV app to use on other devices via the internet. This app allows you to expand the number of screens you can enjoy your Kwese TV to up to 5 screens. It also helps you to access your TV while on the move, more like moving around with your decoder, dish and TV in your pocket.

Whereas the Kwese TV app allows you to watch scheduled programs, Kwesé iflix gives you whatever is on offer at whichever time that suits you, since it is a Video on Demand service that has a library of movies and shows.


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