How to Register Candidate Students on UNEB’s e-Registration portal


Times have changed, just as technology evolves. Back in the days, candidate students registering for their final level examinations across the country were required to fill their details on hard copy forms which were eventually taken by their headteachers to the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) offices in Kampala. This was done but with delays or panic, congestion, and financial obligation that weighed down on many schools especially those in hard-to-reach areas.

Eventually UNEB came up with an e-registration portal to increase the efficiency of the process and remove the burdens that both the schools and UNEB could have been shouldering. The system is programmed with names of schools, subject combinations, and other imbedded help systems that are user friendly to even a beginner. Better still, it does not require much time is when submitting students’ details, and no cost is involved as you only need just an internet connection.

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You actually don’t need to have internet when working on the candidates’ details, you can work with it offline, save the details on a DVD, CD, flash disk or any other storage device, and go to where they have internet and send them on the portal. This is to include even schools in the remote areas without internet to use it.

Requirements for registering on the portal

A School/Centre should have the following to efficiently register candidate students on the portal:

  • Digital photographs of candidates. A school is required to get a professional photographer to take colour photographs with high resolution. Candidates must verify and confirm the correctness of the photographs posted against their index numbers and names.
  • Computer with Windows Operating System
  • Internet connection: In the absence of an internet connection at the centre, the data can be exported to an Excel workbook, then go to an area with internet facilities.
  • A trained person to do e-Registration. UNEB usually trains all Users/Heads of examination centres on how to install and use the e-Registration programme.

UNEB recommends team work among schools neighboring each other or hiring equipment to meet the requirements. A School/Centre may request a nearby School to give assistance in e-Registration by providing the ICT facilities.

Using the portal

The system is easy to use. You just need to organize the students and inform them to come when they are ready, with their dates of birth, photograph pictures and subject combinations while filling their details will be filled in an Excel workbook. This is found in the templates provided in the e-registration system, enabled by an export facility which allows the you to extract the data and export it into the workbook that you upload to the portal.

After successfully uploading the details, an invoice is generated and the information is automatically relayed to  either Stanbic Bank or Centenary Bank. You will have the option to select your preferred bank and mode of payment. The invoice number is the key reference to be presented to the bank to effect payment, which when  received, the records are automatically updated.

Checking Registration status

At the end of registration in June, UNEB broadcasts a message to alert Candidates of the end of registration. Parents/Guardians of candidates are able to check the status of the candidates (whether registered or not) by sending an sms using the code provided or by visiting this link and entering the student’s index number.

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