7 Edtech Platforms Changing the Way We Learn in Nigeria


Across Africa, several tech platforms designed to improve learning are springing up. Being a challenging terrain in the industry, some Edtech platforms are making waves and revolutionising education as we see it. 

Nigeria is a country of over 200 million people and since the cost of public education is rapidly increasing without an improvement in its quality, companies are providing an alternative solution using technology.

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In this post, we’ll focus on the top seven Edtech platforms in Nigeria and how they influence the education of thousands of students across the country.

1. Alt School

Alternative School, popularly known as Alt School, offers a unique path to learning. Its schools are primarily targeted at people looking to venture into software development, product management and related development courses. The platform is a fully virtual experience that offers practical and functional modules from real-life instructors.

ALT school edtech platform

Their numerous partnerships with brands ensure that like traditional schools, there are scholarships and bursaries for qualifying candidates. After the program which could range from six weeks to a year (depending on your course), students get a certificate and join the talent alumni where they are matched with companies.

2. ULesson

This platform provides a holistic learning experience for primary and secondary school students in Africa. It’s an online learning app that provides in-depth lessons and explanations. Your kids can enjoy live classes, help with their homework, prep with mock exams, practice tests and quizzes. You can also get detailed reports on their progress in all subjects on ULesson

Ulesson edtech platform

It covers all the basic subjects like Maths, English, Biology, and Literature, but to mention a few. You can access the app on Google Play and App Store. There’s also a subscription plan for unlimited access to these features. Paid plans start from as low as N20,000 for 3 months.

3. Edukoya

Quite similar to ULesson, Edukoya also provides learning experiences for primary and secondary school students. However, they do this through interactive live classes with top tutors. Students also get a question bank with solutions they can use to improve. Over time, you can track your improvement with personalized performance-tracking systems.

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Also, in addition to regular subjects, there’s also a language learning section where you get courses on Nigerian languages like Yoruba, Igbo, English and foreign languages like French. It’s also an excellent choice to prep for exams like IELTS, GMAT and SATs. 

4. Utiva

This is a more technology-inclined learning platform. Utiva is an Edtech startup that helps people learn tech skills online through intense boot camps, virtual classes and hands-on projects. 

After these boot camps, students are paired with companies to then start an internship where they get real-world experiences. Utiva offer classes on data analytics, software development, marketing, product and other core business skills.

5. Gradely

Gradely uses AI to provide personalized learning at home and in school. Having a very different approach, this Edtech platform focuses on providing a holistic learning experience for children in primary and secondary school. They do this through an AI-powered learning management system. 

Parents can practice and get lesson recommendations based on difficulty levels. This way, they can track the progress of their ward in real time. Schools can also set up live video sessions, classes, unique learning paths and assessments for individual students. 

gradely edtech app

We love that there’s a comments section to keep things engaging and interactive. There are also online tutoring services where you can organize private or group coaching ahead of exams. 

6. Klas

Being an online learning management system, this Edtech platform primarily targets online tutors, boot camps and people who’d like to create online courses. In addition to being a virtual classroom, you can manage classes, build online tests and even receive payments for those classes from your students globally. 

In their words, Klas is like a “Shopify-like platform that allows you to create, monetize and host engaging live classes”. So as an instructor, you can record your classes on Klas and download the recording. There’s also the option to automatically upload the recording to YouTube.

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7. ScholarX

Providing digital and affordable education to low-income earners in Nigeria, the ScholarX app is a unique path to learning. It links its users or students to available scholarships that fit their needs. This way, students don’t have to worry about financing. It’s also a great platform for employers who want to upskill their employees. 

Recently, after their funding, they’ve worked on an app that’s designed for affordable smartphones. The app, LearnAM offers learning in Nigerian languages like Pidgin, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and English as well. This learning comes in both visual and audio content. 

Their goal is to be able to improve the digital and vocational skills of the lower class so they can get a decent job. In fact, they’ve started matching users to jobs and customers who need their skills. 

There are so many more Edtech platforms and startups in Nigeria. However, these are some of the top contenders in the game. We do hope to see the rise of more platforms along with the impact they bring to the quality of education and the economy at large. 


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