What you need to know about RAM on smartphones

With the evolution of our phones into our Personal Computers, most people are conflicted about the amount of RAM that is enough for their devices. While others feel like the smartphone industry is engaging in a pointless race to the biggest RAM on a smartphone, others think it is only natural for these gadgets to have as much RAM as our PCs as we do so much on our phones today.

RAM is the Random Access Memory in a phone, and any other computer for that matter, is volatile in that, the information stored on it is lost when the phone shuts down. RAM holds the active data of a device for as long as the device is on.

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On modern smartphones, RAM ranges from 10GB to as low as 192MB. Such a wide range can leave anyone confused. Many buyers find it difficult to settle on the perfect RAM for their next phone. For that, we thought we’d give you a few ideas and pointers that can help you settle on the perfect RAM.

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What you need to know?

  • If price is not one of your concerns, then a higher RAM is always a good thing. Phones with a higher RAM often come with higher pricing like the Samsung S9 that has a 6GB RAM.
  • With higher RAM one is able to easily run the latest version of Android with a lower response time. Every release of Android has had higher minimum system requirements. Having more RAM means your device will be a little more future-proof so always try get more RAM if new software is something you’re into.
  • The higher the RAM on your device the higher the interaction of the user with the applications on the device.
  • More RAM allows for more fluid multitasking e.g multiwindow. This is when one is able to view two applications at once, for example, replying to your WhatsApp texts at the same time watching videos on YouTube.
  • More RAM means less software optimization which implies modification of a software system to make some of the aspects work efficiently and use fewer resources such as the battery of the device.

It is important to note that a higher RAM, however, doesn’t make your device faster. It only allows one to do more things at once and offers a very good platform for multitasking.


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