Visa and Easy Go card safety measures you should be taking

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Safety is as simple as ABC – Always Be Careful. Electronic cards may bring some level of safety to your money but you need to take some safety measures of too. For sure safety of your money, use the following Visa and Easy Go card safety measures every day. Safety first, is safety always.

Visa and Easy Go card safety measures.

Memorize your PIN and destroy your PIN mailer immediately.

Easy Go card PINs consist of only 4 digits. You can easily memorize this PIN. As an extra precaution, you must destroy the PIN mailer immediately to prevent anyone from seeing it. The only record of your PIN should be in your head. This makes it harder for anyone to retrieve to gain access to money on your Easy Go card.

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Don’t keep your PIN with your card.

If you must keep record of your PIN (which we strongly don’t advise), you must keep the PIN and card in separate places. Consequently, the money on your Easy Go card is safe if someone accesses one of them. If they get the card, they won’t have the PIN and vice versa.

Keep your card in sight when paying.

Out of sight is out of mind when it comes to security. Keep your card in sight always. Someone can easily transfer some of money from your Easy Go if you don’t keep watch.

Make sure you get your card back and keep your receipt as proof of purchase after every purchase.

After you fuel, make sure you get your card back. Also, ask for the manual receipt to help you track the amount that has been charged on your card. Leaving your card behind is dangerous since it gives a person time to get creative.

Never trust strangers to help you at any ATM.

Don’t me tempted to tell anyone your PIN. Fraudsters hang around banks and ATMs waiting for unsuspecting Card users. Handing them your card and PIN is suicidal. It’s the equivalent of handing the burglar the key to your house.


Taking the above Visa and Easy Go card safety measures is better than regret.

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