Age of the night owl: Which midnight data bundle is the best for you.

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There are online tasks that you do that require a lot of data. These tasks include downloading files, running updates of your phones and computers and also updating anti viruses among others.

The normal daily 100 MB or 200 MB aren’t great for such a task. That’s why most of us opt for the midnight data bundle. I have been using this trick for quite some time.

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Usually, I sleep in the day so that am fresh to perform some internet tasks between midnight and about 3 AM.

Well, with the availability of very many service providers, let’s look at the night data plans each offers.

MTN Uganda

This Telecom company offers the ‘night shift’ that runs from Midnight to 6 AM. It is valued at 2000 Ugandan shillings for 1 GB of data. To activate this bundle, dial: *150 * 1 # and then select Night shift.

Airtel Uganda.

Similar to MTN Uganda, Airtel offers 1 GB at 2000 Uganda shillings. To activate this bundle, dial *175*61#. This bundle is valid from midnight to 6 AM.

Africel Uganda

Africel offers the ‘Happy Night’ bundle that is valid between midnight and 6 AM. It offers 1 GB at 2500 Uganda shillings. To activate this bundle, dial *133*5# then follow the prompts.

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Smile Telecom.

This internet service provider offers 1 GB data for the ‘Smile Night’ bundle at 3000 Uganda shillings. To activate this bundle, click here.

Roke Telkom

Roke Telkom is famous for Wi-Fi and Fiber internet. In its packages Roke Classic, Roke Unlimited and Roke Mega, internet is free between 7PM and 7AM on weekdays and absolutely free over the weekend. Take a look at the image below.

The above service providers are the ones I found out have a night package for their customers. If there is any you know about that I haven’t tackled, you can mention it in the comments below.
Also, we would like to know from you what your preferred night data package is and why it is.


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