5 sure ways to save your domestic electricity bill.

umeme conlog yaka meter

The use of electricity can not be under estimated. Literally, there is an aspect of electricity in everything we do. Domestic use of electricity is very vital in cooking, entertainment, cleaning among others.

One thing you shouldn’t anticipate for is a high electricity bill. Here are Five simple steps to saving your electricity.

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When buying different electrical products, there are very many on the market and it’s very important that in whatever choice you make, electricity consumption should be very minimal. This way, you can avoid bringing home high electricity consumption products. Get standards certified products as this is proof that the product is genuine.

Heating and Cooling.

With the changes in weather through out the year, at one point in time you might find yourself needing to heat up or actually cool the house.
In all your doings, consider this:

  • Make sure you use less hot water as this will take lesser electricity to heat up. Use showers instead of bath tabs as one way of minimizing excessive hot water usage.
  • Use the air conditioner and/or fan sparingly. Set the air conditioner and/or fan properly such that when you aren’t in house you can leave the air conditioner at a lower level than when you are in the house.

Energy Source.

This is the primary origin of the electricity. Using renewable sources of power such as solar for things like lighting and charging can save you a lot on your electricity bill.

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Appliances and Electronics.

These are the most electricity consuming items in the house. On that note therefore, make it a point to minimize their power consumption as much as possible.

  • Unplug everything as appliances may continue sapping electricity when still plugged to the socket.
  • Reduce reliance on appliances, for example, you can decide to sweep your small rooms other than using a vacuum cleaner that takes up a lot of power.
  • Get energy efficient models of appliances for example, choose a microwave instead of an oven.
  • Replace old appliances as they tend to consume a little more electricity when they are wearing out.


Light is very important because without it, we actually can not see anything. You should strive to make sure your lighting uses as little electricity as possible.

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  • Use energy efficient light bulbs such as LED bulbs that emit more of the light and less of heat hence saving electricity.
  • Use more natural light most especially in the day. Set your daytime work station in the brightest room in the house.
  • Set rooms for night hangouts. For example, at night, everyone should be in the living room and hence preventing electricity consumption in form of lighting in other rooms.
  • Re-think security lights. Since the security lights are meant to be on the whole night, you can opt for solar powered lights and hence save a whole lot of electricity.

A low electricity bill frees up a lot of money to invest in other ventures. Therefore, it should be taken seriously and above are five sure ways to keep your bill low.


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