Microsoft is rolling out new Office app for Windows 10

Microsoft has announced that it is replacing it’s existing ‘My Office’ app with an improved new Office app. This comes in a bid to simplify the way users log into Office and how they find their documents.

The app will act as a hub for all the users’ Microsoft needs and has been already rolled out to Windows insider testers who can download it and test it to find out its user experience and any bugs if available.

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Office is modeled after the which is a central hub but for web users. It is free and compatible with any Office variant like Office 365 consumer, Office 2016 and Office online among others.

The app allows users to find and install will Office related components, view and edit their recent documents, find tips, see their subscription and benefits among others. This app also helps users switch quickly between their various office apps and also find a list of apps available to them and to install the office apps locally.

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Some of the reasons to use the app include:

  • Quickly switch between apps. See all your Office apps in one place and switch between them with a single click.
  • Get back into your work. Jump to your most recently used documents, pinned documents, and documents shared with you—whether they’re on your local machine or stored in OneDrive or SharePoint.
  • Find what you need. With Microsoft Search integrated prominently, you can quickly find the apps, documents, people, and sites you need to get your work done.
  • Tailor it to your organization. Organizations can apply company branding and integrate other line of business applications through single sign-on to customize the experience for their users.

Those already using ‘My Office’ will get the new app automatically through an update once it is available. Those who don’t already have ‘My Office’ app can download the new Office app from the Microsoft store once it is available.
The app will also come pre-installed on New Windows 10 devices.

Microsoft has been redesigning its range of Office software lately, including a recent update to the Outlook app for iOS.

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