Why every business in Uganda should provide free WiFi to customers

Why every business should provide free WiFi to customers in Uganda

Is it any beneficial for a business to provide free WiFi to customers? From big hotels and clubs to cafes and bars, WiFi is becoming a common amenity in many Kampala hangouts. We’re all leading increasingly connected lives that it’s impossible for most of us to spend our free time, free!

Smartphones are more affordable and a common sight in many hangouts and restaurants. Data is not the most affordable item in Uganda and many restaurants and bars have come to the rescue with free WiFi to guests.

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Businesses like restaurants, bars, hotels, tea cafes among others that provide free WiFi to customers rip many benefits associated with providing free internet access. People still want to keep up with the social media updates and upload images of them having fun. Millennials are prone to posting selfies and photos of their food. Status updates of breakfast, lunch or dinner flood the social media news feed every day.

Is it worth the cost for a business in Uganda to provide free WiFi internet access to its customers? Here are some benefits that businesses that provide free WiFi internet to customers in Uganda get.

Benefits of providing free WiFi to customers in Uganda

Gives the business an edge over those that don’t provide.

If you are a business providing the same services as another, it’s necessary to create a unique amenity that will lure customers your way. Customers are more likely to come to your business because you provide one more than the other business. Since many people use the internet, you get the advantage over businesses that don’t provide free internet.

Increases Sales

There is a lot of interesting content on the web and hence customers who connect to your free WiFi are likely to spend more time in your restaurant, which gives you the opportunity to upsell. However, this implies that you must have a faster WiFi that does not frustrate customers to send them away.

Builds customer loyalty.

By offering free WiFi to customers, the business is offering an incentive to customers in return. This sends a sense of importance. The customers will feel appreciated and that business cares about them. With a legion of loyal customers, the business becomes sure of many return visits. After all, a customer is the kings. Make them feel like one with free WiFi.

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Free marketing of your business.

A satisfied customer in most cases becomes the businesses ambassador. Great service coupled with great camera phones that your customers hold and free WiFi that the business provides is a good way to get free promotion.

The social media generation loves to take photos of their fancy food, share selfies with their friends and ‘check in’ to places on Facebook. You can aid all this promotion and make sure it doesn’t end up in galleries by providing a WiFi to customers.

Ready to provide free WiFi to customers in Uganda?

It’s evident that providing a free good WiFi internet connection to your customers has several benefits that may dwarf the costs of implementing in in your WiFi in your restaurant or other business. You may risk falling out of favour with the young and vibrant customers if you ignore this obvious demand.

ISPs like Smile, Roke, Liquid Telecom and many others have very good bundles that your business can use to rip the above benefits.

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