Airtel and Warid Innovate as Sim Registration Deadline Draws Near

Airtel Uganda today at a press conference announced an a couple of innovations that it hopes would speed up the SIM card registration process of its customers as the deadline draws closer.

Among these is;

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  • “Partial” Registration introduced.
  •  If you register you get 20 minutes of voice and 20 SMS messages.
  •  Airtel Warid Registered Customers to register any other numbers by simply sending their unregistered number to 197 tolls free.
  •  Unregistered customers to be disconnected by the 30th August 2013
  •  Count down sms message reminders to be sent to customers reminding them of the final registration deadline of 30th August 2013

For the past few months, Uganda Communications Commission, the telecom regulatory body in Uganda has been extending the deadline for SIM card registration. The commission made it clear that telecoms will have to block all those users who failed to register their sim cards in the allocated time.

In line with this policy, Airtel and Warid would like to stress the urgency of the registration exercise to all of its customers who would like to continue using mobile phone services but have still not registered despite the numerous deadline extensions.

A final deadline for 31st August has been put in place by the regulator. If any user has not yet registered by that date, they will be blocked and will have to go and fully register before they can re access mobile services.

To ease the registration process, Airtel and Warid have made an exciting offer of partial registration where a customer during this period will have the chance to register and have their phones exempted from blocking. Partial registration also means that the customers will not be affected by the 31st August deadline despite the fact that they have not yet fully registered.

If any customer is already registered with us and has another number to register they should send it using the registered number by sms to 197 and it will automatically be added to their registration data.

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  1. Its high time they switched them off and Ia m looking forward to the fake phones too. UCC should look into this

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