The Best Printer Apps for Android

A printer app can be very useful, especially when documents you want to print are only available on your smartphone. For example, a person traveling might need hard copies of vital documents or presentation, might need to print out an event ticket or a boarding pass.

In this article, we will look at some of the best printer app you can trust to serve your printing needs.

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StarPrint is a free app you can download but it contains adds. StarPrint makes it very easy to print out document, from word, excel, emails, webpages, maps, pictures from your phone’s camera roll, calendar, contact list and even social media. It has over 4000 printer models including HP, Espon, Kodak, Canon, Samsung etc. it supports printing via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and even USB.

The in-app ads displayed is the price you have to pay for using it for free.

 Google cloud print

The Google cloud print works quite differently. Unlike the StarPrint that allows you print via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB, the cloud print allows you connect to automatically to any printer that is compatible with the Google cloud. In some devices, cloud print is built into their operating system, while other are available as an app download.

Google cloud print offers standard printing options; paper size, double-sided printing, print only select pages etc.

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Epson iprint

Epson iprint allows you full access to Epson printers features set from anywhere in the world. You can print, scan, and share documents directly from the Epson app. if you need to download a web page you’re on, Epson iprint can handle it from the app. it supports documents in excel, word, and PDF format. It also allows you to grab document from external sources like Dropbox, Evernote, and Google Docs.

HP All-in-one-printer remote

This is also a free app to use. It allows you use your Android phone camera to create high-quality JPEGs and PDFs of documents and images and print them directly from your printer. You can also grab images from the cloud using DropBox or Google Drive, and from social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. The HP All-in-one-printer remote is compatible with most HP printers from 2010.


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