How to split your Uber fare with other people

Uber is one of the biggest ride-hailing services around the world. It lets you order a cab service to any destination immediately, schedule a ride for a later date and time, and even allows you to share ride with another Uber rider going to the same destination and split the fare.

Funny enough, a lot of people have no idea this feature exists. In this article, we will discuss how to split ride fare on Uber.

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How to split fare on Uber

  • First you need to make sure that everybody joining the ride has an Uber account. Once that is confirmed, you install and launch the app on your smartphone
  • Go ahead and order for an Uber ride to the destination of your choice and select the kind of vehicle you need. After you’re done requesting your ride, scroll up from the bottom of your screen to display a menu option.
  • On the list of menu options, locate “ride with someone?” and then to the right of it, click “split fare.”
  • Type in the name or the phone number of the person or people you want to split the ride fare with. They will all get notifications of the fare split request and they’ll need to accept the invitation before they can pay their share of the fee.

How to accept an invitation to split an Uber fare

If a person decides to share a ride with you, a fare split request will appear as a pop up on your Uber app screen asking you to accept or decline the invitation to share the ride. If you are interested, just tap “accept” and you’re set.


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