Easy Matatu offers a free token ride when you book a scheduled ride

Just the other day, I was conversing with a colleague of mine about carpool apps trying to make headway in a cutthroat transport sector. But today, I came across an even better idea: Easy Matatu [easymatatu.com]. Easy Matatu is a mobile platform that connects commuters and allows them to book scheduled rides. In a nutshell, Easy Matatu is Safeboda on four wheels. Forgive the analogy.

I must say I am a seasoned commuter via taxis (matatus) As such, elbowing a fellow commuter out of the way in order to board before them is a skill I had to learn fast or walk home. And more to that, during rush hour, taxis are scarce and the fares shoot up depending on how annoyed the taxi driver/conductor might be that day.

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From the little we know, East Matatu is partnering with regular taxis to offer the service. You get designated pickup and dropoff areas to choose from depending on what’s convenient for you.

Easy Matatu routes, fares

As of now, Easy Matatu is plying only a handful of routes as they break into the industry. Their available routes are strategic, in that they also happen to be some of the busiest. These comprise:

  • Kampala-Namanve (UGX 5,000)
  • Namanve-Kampala (UGX 5,000)
  • Kampala-Entebbe (UGX 4,000)
  • Entebbe-Kampala (UGX 4,000)
  • Kampala-Kira (UGX 3,500)
  • Kira-Kampala (UGX 3,500)
  • Kampala-Najjera (UGX 3,000)
  • Najjera-Kampala (UGX 3,000)



East Matatu is offering a free first ride for first-timers. Once you download the app and schedule a ride, your first rodeo will be completely free of charge. Afterwards, the fares will be no different from the usual, save for a small top-up for the service (usually UGX 1,000).

Secondly, once you share a free ride with a friend, you receive UGX 5,000 in your wallet when they book a ride. We are not yet sure if this accumulates the more people you get on board or not.

Receive UGX5,000 in your wallet to book a ride when you signup with Easy Matatu. https://easymatatu.app.link/FXToYMFpD3

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Thirdly, you receive a cashback of UGX 4000 for every 10 rides you book. That’s as good as another free ride to get you where you need to go. You can pay with wallet, cash or via a business account.

How to schedule a ride with Easy Matatu

  1. Download Easy Matatu on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  2. Sign up to book your seat. You need a name, phone number and where you live.
  3. A confirmation code will be sent to your device to activate your account. The app should pick it up automatically.
  4. Choose your pickup and dropoff destination from any of the available routes.
  5. Select the boarding time
  6. Pay using a wallet or cash (or a Business)
  7. Done

Featured image: melandnateinuganda.wordpress.com


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