A simple guide to Safaricom Call Diverts

Call divert is a phone feature that enables the user to forward or redirect their incoming calls to an alternate number. These can be a landline or cellular number. Usually, users choose to divert incoming calls directly to their voicemail. When call divert is enabled, the phone does not ring at the original number of the incoming call, but rather only at the locations the call had been diverted to.

Before dual SIM phones became prevalent, the only sure way to stay available on two lines at the same time was by diverting calls from your second line to the one you will have online.

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Safaricom still fully supports call diverts and offers rather simple and straight forward ways to set up these diverts in situations where you are not immediately available. In this post, we shall walk you through how to set up call diverts for Safaricom to your voicemail or to other numbers and how to cancel them. We will cover instances where you are unreachable, busy.

How to divert calls when you are unreachable:

This divert will be initiated when your line is turned off. It will also initiate when you are in a place without Safaricom network coverage and when your phone is turned off. To set this up;

  • Divert to another number, dial *620*Number# eg *620*0722000000#
  • To divert to your voicemail – Dial *620*722122#

Everyone that calls you when you are offline will then be redirected to your voicemail or to the number you have chosen. For Deactivation – Dial ##62#

Diverts when Busy on another call:

Usually, call waiting is turned on by default for Safaricom customers. This means that when you are on another call and someone calls you, your phone will beep and indicate that you are on another call. If you would rather send these callers to your voicemail or to another number, do this;

  • Divert to another number, dial *670*Number# eg *670*0722000000#
  • To divert to your voicemail – Dial *670*722122#

For deactivation, simply dial Dial ##67#

How to divert calls when there is No reply:

I know many people who need to set this up already. This call divert is initiated when someone calls and your phone rings for more than 40 seconds without you picking up.

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  • To divert to Voicemail, – Dial *61*0722122#
  • For Deactivation – Dial ##61#

That is not all. There are a few codes that you can keep as your ‘swiss-army-knife” to fix everything divert related should you find yourself in a fix because you set up something you don’t know how to cancel.

  • To activate All voicemail diverts – Dial *222#
  • To deactivate All voicemail diverts – Dial ##002#

To set up and manage your Safaricom Voicemail Box, set up custom greetings, retrieve voicemail messages, Call 111 for free from your Safaricom line and follow the instructions. You should note that the default Voicemail PIN is 1234 which you need to change.


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