Nokia Android device may be coming in 2014 according to sources

If you’ve been following this train long enough, then you know that there have been endless speculations of a Nokia-made Android device for a quite a while despite the sell out to Microsoft.

Well, that anticipation isn’t fading away anytime soon.

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A new report from The Verge, indicates that Nokia is currently working hard to release an Android device, code-named “Normandy”. The device is said to bring a forked version of Android to the table, like Amazon does with their Kindle tablets.

The device is slated for release next year with the overall attitude being “full steam ahead”. Sources have revealed to The Verge that Normandy is designed as an Asha equivalent to push low-cost devices with access to more traditional smartphone apps — something the company has struggled to achieve for its Series 40-powered Asha line. This means that the phone is targeted towards the emerging markets like Africa where the handset manufacturer still has a vibrant brand presence thanks to its low-cost low-end Asha devices.

While we don’t doubt Nokia’s ability to deliver a phone with sound hardware, we’re a bit weary of its long-term prospects in-terms of its commitment to support Android platform as Microsoft pushes its Windows Phone platform across Nokia range of devices.

Image: Androidauthority


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