How to get your COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate online in Uganda

Whether you are looking to travel or applying for a job that requires proof of Covid-19 vaccination, you can now easily get a COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate online. Uganda’s Ministry of Health has created a convenient online self-service portal for this found at

When you complete your Covid-19 dose, the Uganda government will issue you a vaccination certificate that confirms you’ve been inoculated. This is issued 14 days after you receive your last dose. The Covid-19 vaccination certificate contains your basic details such as name, age, gender. It also has details of the vaccination doses like date, batch number, manufacturer, dose, vaccination site etc.

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According to the Ministry, to generate your COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate;

  • Enter the Identification ID No you used during vaccination (e.g. NIN or any other registered alternative ID you registered during COVID-19 vaccination e.g Passport Number, Employee ID, Driving Permit, Local Council ID, etc. as written on the Vaccination Card) and the last 6 digits of your registered phone number during vaccination.
  • Once your vaccination record is verified meeting all the certification requirements, your certificate will be generated and downloadable as a PDF file that you can directly print or save as an electronic copy.

Dr. Davis of Rocket health tweeted what a Covid-19 certificate looks like;

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Just over 1 million Covid-19 doses have been administered in Uganda at the time of this writing. If you live in Kampala, below is a list of Covid-19 vaccination centers;

Go get the jab. Stay safe. Wear a Mask. Sanitize.