How to get your COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate online in Uganda

Whether you are looking to travel or applying for a job that requires proof of Covid-19 vaccination, you can now easily get a COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate online. Uganda’s Ministry of Health has created a convenient online self-service portal for this found at

When you complete your Covid-19 dose, the Uganda government will issue you a vaccination certificate that confirms you’ve been inoculated. This is issued 14 days after you receive your last dose. The Covid-19 vaccination certificate contains your basic details such as name, age, gender. It also has details of the vaccination doses like date, batch number, manufacturer, dose, vaccination site etc.

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According to the Ministry, to generate your COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate;

  • Enter the Identification ID No you used during vaccination (e.g. NIN or any other registered alternative ID you registered during COVID-19 vaccination e.g Passport Number, Employee ID, Driving Permit, Local Council ID, etc. as written on the Vaccination Card) and the last 6 digits of your registered phone number during vaccination.
  • Once your vaccination record is verified meeting all the certification requirements, your certificate will be generated and downloadable as a PDF file that you can directly print or save as an electronic copy.

Dr. Davis of Rocket health tweeted what a Covid-19 certificate looks like;

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Just over 1 million Covid-19 doses have been administered in Uganda at the time of this writing. If you live in Kampala, below is a list of Covid-19 vaccination centers;

Go get the jab. Stay safe. Wear a Mask. Sanitize.


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9 thoughts on “How to get your COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate online in Uganda

  1. I have tried my best level but am not seeing the certificate being sent to me yet I filled my registered last 6 digits and my id NIN. Anyone to direct me what to do plz coz am stack

  2. I request ministry of Health especially Officer concerned to help us access our Vaccination Certificate for COVID 19 other promising within 24 hrs we are going to be helped and nothing is seen being done.I particular believe that I have provided the correct information but Certificate cannot be generated.My t Vaccine was on 29/05/2021 from Yumbe Health Centre with S/NO.4982088.Astra Zenna dozs.4121Z and the second dozs was on 30/08/2021 fro St Mary Hospital Lacor with Astra Zenna dozs46705.Registered telephone numbers 0782559743 and NIN is CM70005105ZZTE.
    Please help me.

  3. I received my first dose of astrazenac on 24/8/2021 and second dose on 20/10/2021 but when I apply for a certificate they tell me I received one dose. What should I do

  4. MUGISA LEAGAN by names I received two dozes my second dose was 16th November but since then they tells me I haven’t fully vacinated

  5. Hi please i miss my flight on 13/1/2022 because of the certificate. Am Aseleri sawiya adong phone number 0779485828. How can i get the certificate coz i have tried all possible ways nothing is showing

  6. Am MUGERWA UTHMAN I got all the does but the system says there is no information found

  7. Why do they show only one Dose yet I completed my dose. Second dose on 12. 8.2021 at mityana hospital. Why don’t they put data in the system

  8. Am Anthony Abigaba, I got all the dose but whenever I want to generate my certificate, they say have no any vaccination information in the system.. The first dose received it from Bundibugyo Main Hospital and the Second dose from Abim main Hospital

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