Africell, Airtel, MTN, and other Network Providers’ APN and Internet settings you need to know

If you’ve just bought a smartphone, one of the first things you will want to do is setup your phone to access the internet, right? You will for instance need Whatsapp and other apps installed which use the internet or data so as to save you lots of money that you would otherwise spend on conventional SMS.

However, setting up internet on your Android, iPhone, Nokia Lumia or “Chinese” phone can sometimes be tricky. Here, we’ve broken down for you how to manually set up your Internet for the various Telecoms. You don’t have to know jargon like APN ( Access Point Name), proxy, proxy ports. Just enter the details in their respective fields. Also note that some Telecoms recognize your phone model and automatically send Internet settings to your device. But when they don’t, you’ll have to manually configure the settings in your phone settings.

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Africell Uganda Internet settings

Africell will automatically send internet settings to your device that you have to save. If it doesn’t, you’ve to add the settings yourself. Usually adding the APN alone which is in the settings does the trick. However, if it doesn’t, then try;

APN:                       Africell Internet Ug


Proxy port :            8080

MTN Uganda Internet settings

Just like Africell, MTN also will attempt to send these settings automatically. If it does not, still you can request the settings by using the USSD menu *160# and requesting for internet settings. However, should those options fail, consider manually entering the following details;

APN: internet

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Port: 8080

Airtel Uganda Internet settings

The APN for Airtel is surprisingly so simple.

APN: internet

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K2 Telecom Internet settings

APN: apnk2


port: 8080

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Smart Telecom Uganda Internet settings


No need for the proxy and the port Smart Telecom says

Smile communications Uganda APN internet settings

APN: internet

Safaricom (Kenya) APN Internet settings

Name: Safaricom

APN: safaricom


Port: 8080

Username: saf

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Password: data



MMS Proxy:

Airtel Kenya APN Internet settings

Name: Airtel Internet


Port: 8080

Telkom Kenya Limited (Orange Kenya)

APN name:

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username: orange

password: orange

As you can tell, your internet settings has more than the above fields for instance, username, password, proxy, proxy port, MMS proxy, etc. You may choose to ignore these fields. However, should the above settings fail, don’t hesitate to contact your network’s customer care service. Also we’ve put togather all the USSD short codes for loading and checking the data balance of your account for all the networks. Credit of some of the above information goes to geeks like Elijah Bee. So don’t forget to take him for coffee.

How to configure Phone’s Internet settings

Simply go to settings on your Android device > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names (APN)  and add one for the respective networks shown below. You most likely won’t need to enter the other details such as Proxy, Port, Username, Passsword etc. Only the APN is most likely required.

How to choose the best Internet package for you

When choosing an Internet package from MTN, Airtel, UTL or Orange Uganda, there are a number of factors to consider including price, speed, coverage, customer care. However, should you want to compare data bundles or Internet packages across the networks, then you can read this post.



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