IBM Report: Your organization might not have enough skill for advanced Tech

According to the newly released 2012 IBM Tech Trends Report,  only 1 in 10 organizations have the skills needed to effectively use advanced technologies such as business analytics, mobile, cloud computing, and social business. The report is based on a survey of more than 1,200 IT and business decision makers who are determining when, where, and how their organizations adopt mobile, analytics, cloud, and social technologies.

According to the report, there are four pivotal information technologies that are rapidly reshaping how enterprises operate: mobile technology, business analytics, cloud computing and social business.

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The report continues to assert that By the end of 2012, mobile devices are expected to outnumber people and that Pundits now debate when – not if – the use of cloud computing will surpass traditional on-premise IT infrastructure. Nearly 1.5 billion people use social networks on a regular basis, with the most recent billion joining in since 2009.

It’s probably based on this such insight that MTN Uganda late this year went on to launch a new data centre that among other things will enable enterprises shift their IT infrastructure to it’s cloud service.

As business demand for emerging technologies rises, according to the report, enterprises are facing two substantial obstacles: IT skill shortages and security concerns. The report continues to explain that moving into mobile means organizations must address the increased risk of data loss and security breach, device management challenges, and complications introduced by the growing trend toward bring-your-own device.

These four trends, the report says, offer opportunities to break new ground, create new markets and invent new business models – attractive outcomes for companies under pressure to grow their top lines and that the question is: Which organizations are better positioned to create these competitive advantages? Early adopters or late arrivers? Those focused on strategic impact or tactical implementations?

You can ahead and download the full report from here.

Image: IBM

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