3 reasons it’s smarter to tweet and not call your network’s customer care

“I don’t have time”. That’s the punch-line everyone is throwing these days as an excuse for their impatience. But honestly, sometimes people don’t actually have time and in this day and age of high-speed networks, faster computers and smartphones, we can save a few minutes.

A tweet will make any Ugandan network customer care respond to you faster than any other channel like the Toll free lines, email, or website. Other than time saving, there are more reasons you should tweet your problem rather than go through those long voice-menu prompts.

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Get Instant Response
I personally gave up calling my network provider. I’ve tried more than ten times and the best I got was a response after 10 minutes after enduring a long tail of commercials. A tweet is only 140 characters, gets sent instantly and almost instantly replied. All the networks now are on social media and their response is very impressive. Airtel Uganda in particular is very impressive. But as I’ve said, the networks have done an impressive job with instant reply of about 2 minutes only.

For all the customer care contacts and  handles of Uganda networks, check this post.

Never call again, Keep record of the solution
Here’s the problem with calling — you can’t record the call. Yet, chances are you’ll land on the same problem some time in the future and guess what, you’ll call back and wait on those long prompts. That sucks, right? Yes it does. Tweeting your problem ensures that the solution provided to you by your network is kept in your Twitter account which you can always refer to. Also you won’t have to bother with have your “pen and paper” instructions the networks like to give before answering your call.

Share your solution
Yes, sharing is caring. Once you’ve got a useful response from your network operator, you can always share with your network of friends. Your smartphone has tens of options on sharing. On Twitter you can Retweet or RT as the Tweeps like to call it, share on Whatsapp, email a friend, blog it etc. The options are endless. Try sharing the solution while you’re on call with the customer care agent. It’s just hard.

Once I discovered these advantages, these days I only Tweet my issues to my network.

Image: marcuschin.com

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2 thoughts on “3 reasons it’s smarter to tweet and not call your network’s customer care

  1. Nice one, for sure given the choice, I’ll tweet away. It puts the network on the spot hence the fast response.
    Unfortunately a good percentage of people still don’t have smartphones let alone knowing what twitter is, networks really need to invest in customer service

    • Providing as many channels as possible gives customers various ways to accomplish the same thing. So those with smartphones can offset the call centers with social media channels.

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