Here’s a quick way to compare the cost of living between cities around the world

So you are or already planning to travel to a new country for a business trip, a visit to a relative or just a cool vacation? Okay, first things first, you need to have some money on you.

But how much? you might be wondering. Well, we might not point to you the exact figure, but this website — — could at least give you a clue based on  costs of living index. What the website or calculator does is to help you compare the costs of living of one city (it’ll know your current city) and another one, perhaps the one you with to visit.

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costs of living calculator

costs of living calculator

The App is quite clever because it relies on people living in various cities to create a more comprehensive and accurate database of the price of things. The app will ask you to enter prices of commodities in your city say Kampala, for instance for basic goods and services everyone finds fundamental. The sites asks its visitors for the price (in the local currency) of Whole fat milk, Tomatoes, Eggs, bread, housing costs such as Furnished accommodation in NORMAL area, Utilities (heating, electricity, gas …), clothes like Jeans, entertainment costs among a whole list of stuff we do everyday.

So far the App bills itself as the biggest free database of prices in the world with more than 912,000 prices in 1,769 cities entered by 245,000 users. So go check it out.



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One thought on “Here’s a quick way to compare the cost of living between cities around the world

  1. Nice app, works well for major cities.
    Tried to compare Kampala and Mbale, Kumi, Mbarara, it didn’t work let alone recognize the districts save for Mbale. I guess this an opportunity put districts on the map by adding some prices.

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