How to Download Twitter Videos and GIFs on Android

If you’re a Twitter fanatic, you’ll concur that there are lots of cool stuff going on there. The banters, sarcasm, savage replies and humour on the platform are unrivalled. In sharing these interesting content, Tweeters make use of texts, images (mostly memes), GIFs and videos.

While images have support to be downloaded directly from the app, the latter two aren’t capable. Yes, I didn’t forget texts, but that’s easy to save once your Android smartphone can perform a screenshot. Although there’s no native support for saving videos and GIFs for offline viewing, there’s an alternative method which will be shown to you without delay.

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Steps to download Twitter Videos and GIFs

The alternative method here requires a third-party app. One that has been tested and reliable is the +download that can be installed from the Google Play Store. Once installed, you can use the steps below to save Twitter videos and GIFs.

  • After installing the +download app, you’ll go ahead to open the Twitter app
  • Select the tweet that contains the video or GIF you intend to save
  • Tap on the Share icon
  • Afterwards, you’ll tap on +download under the list of apps that’ll appear on the screen
  • Doing the above enables the app to import the video, and download the video and GIF instantly.

I hope that was helpful. Have you tried this method before? Or is it new to you? Share your comments in the section below, and we’ll attend to them accordingly.

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