The Top 10 Sites to Get Free Illustrations for Your Next Project

When building out your next project, you need to use illustrations to help make it stand out from the crowd. And while stock images are also an excellent option, they can get quite boring. However, sketching out illustrations is a lot of work. Especially when you don’t have a designer to help bring those creative processes to life. 

Luckily, we have several open-source projects designed to help users like you, get the best illustrations for your brand. Some focus on 2D illustrations, others focus on 3D, while some even choose to create abstract images. So irrespective of your brand style, you can find something that works. In this post, we’ll be highlighting ten platforms where you can download free illustrations for your next project. Keep reading to find out more.

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1. Undraw

Undraw is an open-source project that allows you to use its illustrations in any project – commercial or personal without any costs. You also have access to modern and super lightweight alternative illustrations, designed by hand.

To use, simply change the illustration colors to better suit your brand and click to download. You can download SVG for projects and PNG for your blogs or social media posts. The catch, however, is that you cannot replicate, redistribute the illustrations in packs, or create integrations for them. This also means that you cannot add them to an app. 

2. Open Doodles

Looking to use sketch illustrations without the need for hiring an illustrator? Open Doodles is another open-source software to explore. Here, you can get hand-drawn vector illustrations for free and use them for your next personal or commercial project. 

Unlike Undraw, Open Doodles comes with an inbuilt generator that allows you to create your designs. You can also invite other people on your team to work with you on a design. There are no restrictions on the creative license, database, or copyright laws while using this platform.

3. Humaaans

While most platforms come with preset illustrations, Humaaans allows you to mix and match illustrations of people. So you can change the hairdo, tops, and pants of your illustrations. You also have the option to rotate and reposition the elements of your humaaans however you like.

For scenery, there’s a ton of ambiance to choose from as well. It’s free to use for personal and commercial projects. It’s also available as a library in Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD, and Invision Studio.

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4. DrawKit

DrawKit is a platform that offers packs of 10 illustrations that’ll make your next project stand out. They offer two different options – available in monochrome and colored. These illustrations are also grouped into categories like business, education, abstract, finance and so much more. Since it’s a one-man project, they also have paid illustrations. However, you can use the free images for personal and commercial projects without attributing them to James Daly- the author. Choose to download either in PNG or SVG format. You can equally download a wide range of images from up to 10 different packs.

5. Design Stripe

Aimed at creating options for non-designers, design stripe is a growing illustration library that allows you to customize your illustrations for your specific needs. You can redesign your characters, edit your scenery, explore your brand’s color palette, and more. 

Choose from any of the available styles or categories. You can also sort by scenes or objects. All downloads are available in SVG, JPG, and PNG formats. There’s also a paid plan for team collaboration and unlimited access to all styles. 

6. Absurd Design

If you’re looking for highly expressive or quirky illustrations, you should consider Absurd design. They combine a sense of naivety, childishness, and absurdity to help drum up creative imaginations. 

You can use these designs for your presentations, landing pages, websites and so much more as long as you attribute them with a link to the website. Download up to 10 different monochrome PNG illustrations for free and unlock the colors and other download formats when you sign up for a membership plan.

7. Ouch

For better matching designs, use Ouch’s 3D illustrations and vector images for free. Ouch is a product from the icons8 company. Here you have access to 3D designs of people, elements, technology and so many more in several categories. 

You can download these free designs in PNG format as long as you reference the author while using them. If you, however, want to remove the attribution and get illustrations in SVG or other image formats, you can pay for the monthly subscription. 

8. Handz

As the name implies, Handz is an illustration library of several 3D hand gestures. You can get up to 320 different hands in 8 different skin tones, 12 gestures, and three sleeves. Use these images for free in your personal and commercial projects like Newsletters, blog posts, app designs, and so on. 

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This CCO-based library offers PNG renders that can you can use in photoshop, Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, Illustrator and so much more. There’s a premium version that offers everything for free along with hand gestures on tablets, Mac, Samsung Gear, Apple Watch, and other devices. 

9. Paper Illustrations

Paper illustrations offer illustrations from paper cutouts for personal and commercial use. On this platform, you have access to 20 designs suitable for landing pages, mobile apps, demo images, and more. 

It also comes with demo resource images that show you how to blend these illustrations better in your designs. There are also over 10000 3D assets and icons you can use for your next project. 

10. Sapiens

Unlike other examples listed here, Sapiens is a web app that offers several 3D customizable character illustrations. You can switch character design, background settings, roles and so much more with this app. The library is free to use and it also has a paid version that comes as an extension. Choose to export your design in either color, duotone, or an outline. 

And that’s it. Which of these platforms resonated more with you? Do let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this post with a friend or a colleague to make their work a lot more seamless. 


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