Online safety: Stop doing these 5 things on the internet. Seriously

Technology has vastly improved, and so the Internet making life more easier and enjoyable. Internet is a great place to be with a lot of  interesting things whether at work, at home or at school. Many rely on it for shopping, business, socializing, access to information and education and  even meet new people who you would never normally meet by just a click.

Although Internet is interesting, it has a dark side as well and  you need to think about how to play there safely. There is a lot of  Internet threats appearing daily such as phishing scams  used by scammers tricking you to give out your personal information like your credit card,  login credentials and even bank account numbers. It is your responsibility to protect yourself  these threats.

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Here are 5 things you should stop doing online

Never Put Your Email in a Comment

Commenting  with your email may it be on Facebook post  or blog post  means anyone can potentially get your personal information. Spammers get email addresses from websites and social media platforms by using  harvesting programs that copy any text that contains the “@” character  to add to their mailing lists. Thats why spams seems to arrive in every single email account we use

Don’t Just Download Everything

Some people be like downloading everything that comes across, but be careful with what you download. Cyber-criminals  scam people when you download from untrusted websites. Some of these sites host malware and may attempt to steal personal information.

Never Do Online Transactions on a Public WiFi

When doing online transactions its better to avoid public WiFi because it is  completely unsafe for any sensitive web browsing. You may put yourself into a risk of being scammed. The guy next table may be tracking your online movements through the network.

Never Use The Same Password on Multiple Sites

Lets assume you log onto a bunch of multiple sites, Facebook, PayPal, eBay, Gmail  and many others with the same password. Because  you believe using the same password is easy to guess and  it’s difficult to remember different passwords.  But this is one of the most dangerous things you can do online. Using the same password on multiple sites is like using the same key for every lock. When a cyber criminal obtains your password, he will try to check whether that password works on other sites.

Never Make Your Social Media Privacy Public 

Social networks allow you to build relationships with other Internet users and keep in touch without much effort.   But these sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram gives anyone the ability to access anything about you. Identity thieves gather personal information from social media sites.

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