How to Disable Comments on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Disable Comments Facebook

Over the years, social media platforms have introduced features to help protect their users from unwanted contributions (insults, harassment, and comments that are generally unhelpful) from strangers. With features like these, you get to control who and how your posts and content are engaged with on social platforms.

Disable Comments On Twitter

Disable Comments Facebook

In 2019, Twitter announced the feature which lets its users moderate replies to their posts from a user group: all Twitter users, only people they follow, or only people directly mentioned in a tweet.

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So, if you think a post you are about to put out will generate a lot of heat or hatred, you can simply limit the engagements by limiting replies to only people you follow or only those mentioned in the said tweet.

How to Limit Tweet Engagements

  • Open the Twitter app on your device
  • Tap on the tweet icon
  • At the bottom of the tweet window (where you’ll see the usual space for your text), tap on the Everyone can reply option.
  • Then, select the group of users you would like to reply to or contribute to your tweet.

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Disable Comments on Facebook

Disable Comments Facebook
  • To disable comments on your Facebook account, launch the Facebook app on your device and navigate to Settings & Privacy
  • Click on Settings from the options displayed
  • Next, select Public Posts. From the Public Post Comments section, you’ll find three options – Public, Friends of Friends, and Friends.
  • Select your preferred option.

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Disable Comment on Instagram

Disable Comments Facebook

Disabling comment on Instagram is straight forward.

  • First, select a post you want to disable comments for
  • Tap the three dots on the upper right-hand corner of the post to reveal a list of options.
  • Tap Turn Off Commenting

In conclusion, while this feature doesn’t completely wipe out targeted harassments and abuses on any of these social platforms, it will surely reduce it drastically.

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