8 awesome social media automation tools for content marketers

To be or not to be… into social media automation solutions? This kind of question can be asked by each and every marketer – and there is no universal answer to that. Social media automation tools are becoming increasingly more popular. They can make your work easier and more effective, and when you get some of your tasks automated, you can spend more time on other social media activities.

There are many social media automation tools that you can use in your everyday work. Here are some we have used or read/heard good reviews about.

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Social media automation with NapoleonCat

Do you need a reliable social media posting schedule? NapoleonCat will be one of those social media automation tools you’ll fall in love with. Thanks to a user-friendly interface it stands out among social media automation platforms. If you want to schedule posts, analyze your performance and generate reports, as well as care about community management, this tool is the one for you.

Social media automation with Chatbotize

If your business needs to handle a lot of clients’ requests and messages on social media, you can struggle with answering them all on time. And… your clients hate waiting. Fortunately, you can use some social media automation solutions to make it easier for you and your team. For example, with Chatbotize, you can build a bot for customer support or marketing purposes, using one of the pre-made templates.

Social media automation with IFTTT

IF This Then That is a platform that enables automating tasks and making your work more productive. You can prepare some special pairings by integrating your apps with each other. For example, with IFTTT you can mark “Watch Later” on YouTube and save it to Pocket.

Social media automation with RocketLink

Can RocketLink be included in the list of social media automation solutions? Sure! RocketLink is a link shortener that helps you build your audience with retargeting pixels and customized CTA to the links of your choice. Anyone who clicks on the link you share becomes a part of the custom audience you can target on many ad platforms, so this process is fully automated.

Social media automation with Likealyzer

Do you need a quick analysis of how any Facebook Page is doing? Simply insert the link to the selected fan page and you’ll be given a basic analysis of its performance. You can use it for your own set of social media tactics.

Social media automation with Grytics

Are you in charge of managing Facebook groups? Well, it is quite a challenge nowadays. Growing any community around the brand or initiative takes a lot of time and effort. You can create amazing content and schedule posts for your group, but if you want to develop it, you need to dig deeper into analytics. This is where Grytics comes in handy, with their advanced group analytics.

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Social media automation with TweetDeck

If you want to be up to date with the latest news on Twitter, you simply need to be not only present there but more importantly – active. There are some social media automation tools that can help maintain your Twitter presence. While the aforementioned NapoleonCat can be used to schedule posts, TweetDeck can help you monitor some hashtags and hot topics every day. This can open up some possibilities for real-time marketing, and it also gives you knowledge of what is going on and when so that you can react accordingly.

Social media automation with BrandWatch

You should monitor any mentions or articles regarding your brand. They may be a great source for your social media tactics and content marketing activities, but first of all, they give you necessary feedback about the product, the brand and its reputation. With BrandWatch, you can see all of the changes in sentiment.

Wrapping it up

Social media automation solutions can really help you with your everyday tasks and make your work more productive and efficient. Of course, you can’t automate all of the processes, but there are many tedious tasks that simply want to be automated.


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