Uganda ranks 15th in Internet usage across Africa with Kenya leading the pack

internet usage

Around 40% of the world population has an internet connection today. In 1995, it was not even 1%. Over the decades, the internet has become a necessary tool in most people’s daily life; using it to communicate, attend to work, study, among others. The increase in internet usage has taken shape all over the globe.

From the statistics made and detailed by Internet World Stats as of 31st March 2017, Asia has the most number of internet users allover the world with a majority from China; followed by Europe; Latin America; Africa; North America; Middle East; and Oceania, in that order. North America meanwhile has the highest rate of usage; followed by Europe and Oceania.

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In Africa, the rate of internet usage is led by Kenya which has over 77% of her population having access to the internet. This is a result of the government’s efforts in ensuring that all 47 counties of Kenya have access to the internet. Mauritius, Seychelles, Morocco, and South Africa make the top five; while Nigeria comes 7th, Egypt is 13th as Uganda comes 15th. Below is the full ranking, for each of the 55 countries.

RankCountryPopulation as of 2017Internet Users by
Internet penetration percentage
1Kenya48,466,92837,718,65077.8 %
2Mauritius1,281,353803,89662.7 %
3Seychelles97,53956,16857.6 %
4Morocco35,241,41820,207,15457.3 %
5South Africa55,436,36028,580,29051.6 %
6Tunisia11,494,7605,800,00050.5 %
7Nigeria191,835,93693,591,17448.8 %
8Cape Verde533,468235,18344.1 %
9Libya6,408,7422,800,00043.7 %
10Zimbabwe16,337,7606,721,94741.1 %
11Gabon1,801,232670,19737.2 %
12Algeria41,063,75315,105,00036.8 %
13Egypt95,215,10234,800,00036.5 %
14Swaziland1,320,356436,05133.0 %
15Uganda41,652,93813,023,11431.3 %
16Rwanda12,159,5863,724,67830.6 %
17Botswana2,343,981690,00029.4 %
18Ghana28,656,7237,958,67527.8 %
19Sudan42,166,32310,886,81325.8 %
20Sao Tome & Principe198,48149,68625.0 %
21Senegal16,054,2753,647,93922.7 %
22Angola26,655,5135,951,45322.3 %
23Cote d’Ivoire23,815,8865,230,00022.0 %
24Lesotho2,185,159444,37620.3 %
25Equatorial Guinea894,464181,65720.3 %
26Namibia2,568,569520,00020.2 %
27Cameroon24,513,6894,909,17820.0 %
28Zambia17,237,9313,167,93418.4 %
29Gambia2,120,418373,86517.6 %
30Mauritania4,266,448714,13216.7 %
31South Sudan13,096,1902,179,96316.6 %
32Djibouti911,382150,00016.5 %
33Mali18,689,9662,212,45011.8 %
34Burkina Faso19,173,3222,156,49811.2 %
35Ethiopia104,344,90111,538,00011.1 %
36Benin11,458,6111,232,94010.8 %
37Malawi18,298,6791,670,8399.1 %
38Liberia4,730,437395,0638.4 %
39Congo4,866,243400,0008.2 %
40Comoros825,92060,0007.3 %
41Guinea13,290,659950,0007.1 %
42Togo7,691,915545,0207.1 %
43Tanzania56,877,5293,700,0006.5 %
44Mozambique29,537,9141,834,3376.2 %
45Somalia11,391,962660,0005.8 %
46Madagascar25,612,9721,300,0005.1 %
47Central African Rep.5,098,826246,4324.8 %
48Sierra Leone6,732,899310,0004.6 %
49Western Sahara596,02127,0004.5 %
50Burundi11,936,481526,3724.4 %
51Guinea-Bissau1,932,87184,0004.3 %
52Congo, Dem. Rep.82,242,6853,101,2103.8 %
53Chad14,965,482387,0632.6 %
54Niger21,563,607439,1642.0 %
55Eritrea5,481,90671,0001.3 %

The stats show that Uganda comes after Kenya in East Africa, with Rwanda third from a close margin. Tanzania and Burundi are a distance away with a lower rate of usage.

Uganda’s internet usage has been on the rise since the start of the decade, with the increased adoption of smartphones. Here is a quick review of the growth over the years.

YEARUsersPopulationPenetration percentage
200040,00024,400,0000.1 %
2006500,00028,574,9091.7 %
2007750,00030,262,6102.5 %
20082,000,00031,367,9726.4 %
20103,200,00033,398,6829.6 %
201611,924,92738,319,24131.1 %