Facebook Will Let You Know Who Uploaded Your Contact Information for Targeted Ads

Facebook is revamping the “Why am I seeing this ad?” panel, and making it more detailed. Users will now have the ability to know who uploaded their contact information, when it was first uploaded to the site and if the information was shared with a third-party advertising agency.

Typically, the “Why am I seeing this ad?” drop-down only discloses the reasons why the ads appeared in the user’s account; including the biographical details implemented.

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Also known as Custom Audiences Transparency feature, it was designed to make users informed on how different targeted ads appeared on their pages.

Kicking off on February 28, more details such as the time the brand got the contact information, the name of the brand that got the information, and other ad partners that the information was shared to as well as the time it was shared will be revealed.

Facebook targeted ads
~ Facebook

Given the previous concerns on data leaks that perturbed Facebook last year, this will come in handy to users to know how the tech giant uses their information.

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