How to Create a WhatsApp ‘Click-to-Chat’ Link


Usually, the process of texting new, random numbers on WhatsApp will require you to save the numbers as a contact first. Afterward, you’ll have to search for that contact in WhatsApp and send in a message. The WhatsApp Click-to-Chat link feature streamlines this process and makes things easier.

With the Click-to-Chat feature, you can create a link for your WhatsApp number such that random people can send you a message without saving your number as a contact. From this link, you can even add a pre-filled message so the senders have a template to work with.

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For example, from the link, a pre-filled message can be “Hello, I’m here to make inquiries about your product/services.” This message is displayed to the user once they open up the chat space on WhatsApp and they only have to tap on the Send button.

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This feature is especially useful for business owners or people with a large audience that requires other people reaching out to them on the platform. It gives room for a great user experience such that the long, discouraging process of saving contacts before sending a message is eliminated.

In this post, we’ll show you how to use the WhatsApp Click-to-Chat feature by creating your own link.

Create a WhatsApp ‘Click-to-Chat’ Link

Follow the steps below to create a click to chat link on WhatsApp.

  • Modify this link— by replacing <number> with your phone number in international format. Just numbers, no symbols; remove the dashes, bracket, and even the + sign.
  • Your link should look something like this —
  • Once you add your number to the link, anyone you share the link with can directly click to chat with you without saving your number. However, there’s no pre-filled message yet.
WhatsApp click to chat link
  • A personalized link with a pre-filled message link looks like this — Where urlencodedtext is the URL-encoded pre-filled message.
  • Use tools like URLEncoder to encode your text with a pre-filled message.
WhatsApp click to chat link
  • If the pre-filled message is “I want to learn more about Dignited”, the final URL from our link will look like this –

With the simple process, Click-to-Chat links can be created by anyone for any WhatsApp number as long as the creator knows the WhatsApp number.

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Creating WhatsApp click-to-chat links helps you to reach more people and ease the process of them reaching out to you. It can be a great tool especially when you want to properly scale your online business.


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  1. Someone keeps business chats in WhatsApp? Do you people know how much data you can lose there? Change the messenger asap. You can choose at least Telegram or Signal, or in case if you need a full anonymity – Utopia p2p. Such function there would be useless as no phone is required for registration.

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