Twitter Adds Emojis to Spice up Direct Messaging

Twitter emoji

In its ongoing reform to make Twitter more interactive and fun, the latest addition is emojis. Although just a handful, you have just seven different emojis to choose from in response to a message. This way, you can respond to a message without having to type actual words.

The Emojis are seen as a reply designated to the particular text or media you responded to rather than just another message. You can choose from a series of emojis like;

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Twitter messaging emojis

Certainly not a new thing, you can say it took Twitter a very long time with the likes of Facebook having it for a few years already. As promised, the new feature is now available in the latest update.

Just like Facebook, you will receive a notification if you are involved in a particular post and someone reacts to it using an emoji. Worse still, you will also get a notification if the said person changes the emoji which is likely to create a notification situation here. Anyways, you can always sort that out in your notification settings.

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Furthermore, you will only be able to react with one emoji for a particular message. In other words, changing the emoji will only replace the previous one and all the participants will be notified of your change so be mindful of how you go about that.

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You will be able to see how many times a particular emoji was used as the number will appear beside it. In some way, you will be able to measure the reaction you get and participants will also be able to see it too.


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