How to Change Gmail Background Theme on PC

Google mail (Gmail) comes with a default white material design background. If — like myself — you find the background mundane, you should change it to something more colorful and fun. Luckily, there’s a provision in Gmail that allows users change the background theme of their Gmail dashboard.

Follow the steps below to change your Gmail background theme.

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1.Log in to your Gmail account on your web browser.

2. Click the Gear icon at the top-right corner of your Gmail dashboard.

Change Gmail Background Theme

3. Click “Themes“.

4. On the Themes page, scroll to find a preferred theme.

5. Click on a theme to preview how it looks in the background.

Change Gmail Background Theme

6. Click “Save” to apply the background change.

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That’s it. You can now add some spice to your Gmail background. Reading your emails don’t have to be boring anymore.

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