Crowdfunding platform, Jumpstart Africa Accepting Projects, Receives CAPS Certification

jumpstart africa

Jumpstart Africa announced on Wednesday this week that it would begin accepting projects for its revolutionary crowdfunding platform – built specifically for Africa.

This announcement came shortly after the platform received certification from the Crowdfunding Accreditation for
Platform Standards. Jumpstart Africa is a pioneering start-up dedicated to connect people with a passion for Africa, directly to the local entrepreneurs creating innovative projects.

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Led by an advisory council comprised of industry experts and trailblazers, CAPS is dedicated to protecting both the innovators launching crowdfunding campaigns and backers who help fund or invest capital in those campaigns. During the accreditation process, CAPS carefully examined Jumpstart Africa’s platform and guidelines. After meeting required industry standards, based on the operational performance of our platform, transparency, security of information and payments, and website functionality, CAPS recognized Jumpstart Africa for its implementation of international crowdfunding best practices. “The CAPS certification is an important milestone for us,” explained Jumpstart Africa CEO, Ahmed Zrikem. “This is a sign to the international crowdfunding community that Jumpstart Africa is dedicated to the same best practices as other crowdfunding platforms around the world.

It also sends a message to innovators in Africa that we implement the transparency and security needed to revolutionize the way the world supports Africa.” As Jumpstart Africa’s platform enters its final phase of testing and development, African innovators 18-years of age and older are encouraged to submit projects, which will be eligible to begin raising funding when the platform launches in September.“We hope that project owners will take the next two months to begin building a support community,” said Jumpstart
Africa CEO, Ahmed Zrikem. “Most successful crowdfunding campaigns raise 30% of their funding goal from members of their own network, so it’s important that innovators get the word out about their projects prior to their campaigns going live.”


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