YouTube Parental Control: Here’s What to Do

YouTube has so much content for everyone, and it is very easy for kids to spend a larger part of a day viewing their favorite content. And as much as Youtube can be educational and entertaining to kids, it can also have negative on them.

You might be wondering how to ensure your kids do not get negatively influenced through YouTube. Well, Instead of giving unlimited online access to your kid on YouTube, the best thing you can do is to use the YouTube parental control to restrict the amount of access they have on YouTube; this method works effectively.

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Although there are various methods to activate the safety settings on your Android, iPhone, or TV streaming devices, YouTube possesses many features that’ll help with this restriction such as curbing the display duration, watching the contents they view, and restricting access to some videos, and so much more. This article will discuss how to set up parental control and monitor the content kids have access to on YouTube.

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Make use of YouTube Kids.

This is the simplest way to control the contents you have access to without changing the settings. All you have to do is to set up YouTube kids account for them. The contents on the YouTube kids account are much more beneficial for the kids compared to the main YouTube account.

All kids under the age of 13, including teenagers, are free to watch videos without their parents worried about the contents they have access to. 

Turn on the YouTube restricted mode.

YouTube’s Restricted Mode is a way you can block your children’s access to content that is not healthy for them. You can easily access it on every device, such as smartphones and TVs. Make use of any device of your choice;

  • Go to your YouTube account profile
YouTube Parental Control
  • Then move to General
YouTube Parental Control
  • After that, click on the icon for Settings and activate the Restricted Mode.

Finally, make sure you sign in to your Google account when doing this.

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There you have it, and you can easily use the above information to control the kind of content your kids watch on YouTube.


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