The Best Five AI Art Generators to Try Out


AI art generators have become increasingly popular amongst next-generation artists. This is especially true since AI has proven helpful in creating NFTs. While some create photo-realistic images, others offer a vintage feel that makes it look like you took a photograph on a model camera. Contrary to popular belief, AI art generators aren’t replacing artists. They are simply an option to explore new territories and create unconventional art. 

In this post, we’ll be looking at some of the best AI Art Generators you can use online. While some are paid, a couple of these options offer a free trial to see if it’s the right fit for your needs. We’d also briefly look at what AI Art Generators are. Keep reading to find out more.

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What are AI Art Generators? 

AI Art Generators are online programs or software that automatically generate art based on human input. While some work based on logic and patterns, others simply recreate existing brush strokes to produce a new art form. These generators need human input because quite frankly, they aren’t 100% effective on their own yet. Especially since the creativity required for art creation isn’t present in artificial intelligence.

However, they help create designs a lot faster, automate repetitive processes, and complement your design style. We also have famous artists like Mike Tyka and Sougwen Chung who’ve used AI art generators. In fact, the most popular piece of AI-generated art “the portrait of Edmond Bellamy” sold for $432,000 in 2018.

Top Five AI Art Generators

If you’re looking for a way to simplify your creative process or simply explore the concept of using AI for art, here are the five top generators you should try out today. 

1. DALL-E-2

This is the most popular art generator developed by Open AI. This software allows you to create realistic images and art from text-based descriptions. It does this by combining concepts, attributes, and styles to create new compositions. 

A unique feature of this software is that it can make edits to existing images. For example, it can take create variations of an image inspired by the original. Here’s an example below


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Since it has a very easy-to-use interface, both professional and amateur artists can use this tool. Subtools in this software like the paintbrush allow you to add shadows, highlights, and other customizable elements to the already generated image. However, you cannot generate violent, hateful, or adult art as it’s part of the content policy.

Unfortunately, since this software is still in beta, you have to join the waitlist to get an invite. This means you can only log in with your invite credentials. 

2. Art Breeder

This is another popular art generator that provides different variations of an image via machine learning. It has tools like Splicer that allow you to edit genes, create portraits, landscapes, paintings, and more. Turn photos into animated figures and modify the facial features of like skin, hair, and eyes. 


We also love that it provides a library that hosts thousands of illustrations. Plus you can choose to put them in folders or download them as a PNG or JPG image. They also have a very interactive community where you can share your images and recreate images from other creators. Here, you can choose to follow artists you like as well. 

You can create a free account here.

3. Night Cafe

NightCafe is an AI creator that allows you to generate, share and print your own AI art, All you have to do is input images, pick a style and create. Unlike other generators, it operates with more algorithms and options. However, it still has a simple interface that makes it easy for novice users to work with. 


You can bulk-download all your images, create videos, organize your art into collections and even choose to purchase a print of your own artwork for a fair rate. 

This generator is also unique in the sense that, it operates on a credit system. So you’d have to earn credits by being a part of the community. This said community has a lot of social features and the creators there are also very helpful. 

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4. Deep Dream Generator

Another popular AI art generator is the Deep Dream Generator. Developed by Google, this online tool allows you to create realistic images with AI. All you have to do is upload an image while the tool recreates a new design inspired by the upload. Since it uses different painting techniques when generating images, the results usually appear from another time or place. 


It has three different styles you can choose from and there are multiple categories you’re required to select from. These include animals, landscapes, and more. After creating with this AI, you can preview your images, edit some more, or choose to save a version. Sign up here for free. 

5. Runway ML

The final art generator on our list is the Runway ML. This software uses machine learning models to generate pictures and art. You can also create animations and 3D models. It has relative motion analysis to help you analyze what you’re working on. There’s also an out-of-the-box object recognition that helps you identify objects in images and videos. 

One of the rare features of Runway ML when compared to other generators is that it also has a video editor for replacing background images in videos.


You can also collaborate on projects with other members of your team. Runway ML operates on a subscription-based model. There’s a free plan that offers up to 1GB of storage space while the paid plan starts from $15 monthly. 

So which one of these AI Art Generators will you be trying out for your next art? Let us know in the comments below. Also, share this post with NFT creators and artists who might need this.

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